Pluses of the Foster Care System

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It is apparent that the Boys Ranch is a facility that makes a tremendous difference in the lives of its residents. In just the state of Georgia, there are four other sheriff's youth homes that have the same impact. This standard of care is not limited only to Georgia but is common throughout all fifty states. There are also countless foster homes that are able to provide a typical family-like setting, even more than groups homes like the Boys Ranch. Nonetheless, it would be foolish to assume that every foster and group home provides adequate care. Kaitlin Chamberlain writes of her brother's time in the foster care system, My brother wasn't so lucky. He was placed with a family who had many other foster children. They fed him nothing but butter and dog food, (Chamberlain 2013).

There are serious issues that can be found in the foster care system. Occasionally, there are foster parents who become foster parents simply for the money that is involved. There are foster and group homes that abuse and neglect the children under their care, and in some cases, it's worse than the situation they were removed from. However, situations like these are rare and very obviously far from the norm. These issues can be solved by implementing more extensive background checks, having unannounced inspections of the foster and group homes conducted by Child Protective Services and local police authorities, and conducting periodic interviews with the children living in the foster or group homes.

Forcibly removing children from their homes gets them out of unsafe and neglectful environments and places them in situations where they have physical care, emotional support, and opportunities for success that would have been otherwise unavailable. Kids are still kids regardless of their background, and it is imperative that we as a society do everything in our power to ensure they are properly cared for, even if that means removing them from their homes.

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