Cooking Experience

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Food has always been important for families. There weren’t always as many grocery stores as there are now. In the past, everyone in the family helped with food. They helped grow it, prepare it, and cook it. Children helped, too. Even more recently, family recipes were passed from parents to kids. Kids had to start learning how to prepare food when they were young.

Today, some families don’t spend as much time cooking and eating together. They don’t have to. Instead, they can get readymade food from restaurants or stores. It saves time in their busy lives. This is especially helpful if they can’t all stop to eat at the same time or place.

Other families now have many home-cooked meals together. Not all of them need kids to help as much. Some kids do help, though. Some of them really love to cook. Cooking teaches them many useful skills. It’s also fun and can be a good job for kids if they become talented at it.

Lots of people are amazed by the talent that some kids show for cooking. That’s why there are so many TV shows about kids who cook. Some older shows, like Hey Kids, Let’s Cook!, were learning shows. Professional chefs would teach a cast of children and teens new recipes each week. Viewers could learn along with them. Now, competition shows are popular. MasterChef Junior and Kids Baking Championship are examples. Kids who have developed skills in the kitchen complete challenges to see who is the best cook.

The chance to be on TV is a cool reason to cook, but not many kids will get that chance. Still, there are lots of reasons to cook. For one thing, many families have old recipes that they can keep passing down. It can be fun to keep up tradition. Another reason is that most people will need to cook eventually. Learning at a young age makes it easier when you get older.

At the same time, cooking comes with responsibility. Kitchen utensils must be handled safely. Ovens and other heating appliances must be used properly and turned off when not in use. Some meals take hours to prepare, and it can be difficult even for adults to stay in the kitchen that long. For some kids, it may be better to wait to learn to cook until they are older. That way, they will be better at paying attention to their tasks and safety needs.

Those children who do help in the kitchen will find it teaches them more than cooking. When kids help in the kitchen, they learn about math and science. A recipe usually involves measuring. Using teaspoons and measuring cups helps show kids how math can be used outside of class. Multiplication and division come in handy when a recipe needs to be made bigger or smaller.

Science is involved in the cooking process. Some foods taste better if they’re cold before they’re heated. Others need to be room temperature. Why is that? Curious kid cooks can find out. They can also come up with their own scientific questions as they go.

As with most activities, cooking will teach kids new words. They’ll learn about new foods and terms for different ways to cook them. Cooking can also teach kids about different countries. They can try recipes made by people from across the world and learn about different countries and people in the process.

Planning is an important skill in the kitchen, as it is in life. Preparing a meal takes a lot of thought. A cook needs to know everything he or she will need, how much time it will take, and in what order to complete the steps to prepare the meal. Getting used to all of that preparation can help kids plan other important tasks.

Whatever the reason for cooking, everyone needs to eat, and anyone can make something delicious. 

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