A Lot from my Experience of being an Online Student

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Over the past 4 weeks, I have learned a lot about being an online student. In the first week, I learned that setting goals allow students to choose where they want to attend school and what degree they want to achieve. By setting a goal early on it increased my motivation to succeed. I think goals are like maps; they get us from one place to another. Goals provide the direction you need to reach your journey's end, the motivation to sustain the journey, and a way to measure your growth and advancement.

In the second and week of class, I found it quite helpful that we shared technology tidbits. I’m quite knowledgeable about technology but it was nice to pick up a few shortcuts and tools to use. I learned a lot about time management. I learned about carrying a planner or notebook with you. Listing out what quizzes, test, and assignments are due and to check my calendar in order to not miss a deadline. Making the calendar assignment was helpful and something I will use after the completion of this class. Making a simple ‘To Do’ list before the start of the day, prioritize the tasks and checking off the tasks as you go. When you have an assignment or lab, set a realistic deadline and stick to it. Try to set a deadline a few days before the assignment so that you can complete all those tasks that may get in the way. I have learned that procrastination is one of the things that seriously affect productivity. It can result in wasting vital time and energy. It could be a key problem in both your occupation and personal life.

In week four, I enjoyed watching the video of Richie Parker. Watching that video, it really challenged me to stretch myself and to step outside my comfort. Unfortunately, many people like myself have problems with getting out of their comfort zone. We want to do more in life, but we are afraid to challenge ourselves and push the envelope on what we think is safe.

Only when I stop letting fears and anxiety hold me back, will I start to make those changes and to step out of my comfort zone.

It is useful to be mindful of one's learning style for the purposes of learning and teaching. Understanding learning styles are important because everyone has different ways of learning. My preferred learning style is kinesthetic and aural. Being a kinesthetic student, I do well with studies that involve physical involvement like experiments, sports, and clinical. I like to listen to music while I study. I listen to classical music because music with words can be too distracting. As an aural student, I tend to read aloud information aloud when studying alone. I study participate with study partner or groups. I have used these skills since I started college. I took a college skill class in 2007 and learn that my learning style was kinesthetic and auditory. The personality test was something new I had never done before. The test showed I was an ESFJ. The results showed that ESFJ would do well in medical careers which is what my career is I am a nurse.

Overall this class has been quite helpful with being an online student and was a great refresher for online classes. Even though I have taken five online classes at Greenville Tech. This class helped refresh my knowledge of blackboard, Powerpoint and time management skills. 

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