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As a first-generation child whose parents have completed education on a high school level, the emphasis on receiving a substantial, sufficient, and complete education was prominent throughout me and my sister’s childhood and beyond. Being raised in a household where education was held at the highest priority, my sister and I were continually reminded of all the sacrifices my parents made to come to the United States, and of all the trials and tribulation they have faced. With the lack of privileges and heavy discrimination they endured, my parents knew that they were not living the “American Dream” after all. They recognized that their dream of success and stability was tough to grasp; becoming unshackled from the chains of difficult, unfulfilling labor is unfortunately unattainable. It became clear that is fully up to me and my sister to live that dream. My parents believe that our lives would present less difficulties if we earned an education. Education has become a motivating and underlying force behind what inspires me and most of my beliefs I have gathered overtime as a student and future educator. I believe that education ultimately brings awareness of not only our role in society, but our rights as a human as well. The power of an education is strong, as it carries the ability to unify and enlighten society and generations to come.

Having the ability to create a welcoming, growing, yet challenging classroom is something I believe should be implemented in my classroom. A personal goal I have for my students is to challenge and observe them reaching their full potential, inside and out of the classroom. I desire to have the opportunity to take diverse students at diverse levels, and see them develop together for the improvement of each individual. I also ultimately believe it is important to help the students enhance their skills socially, and will do this with group work and activities. It is evident that group work is a crucial feature to having a successful class and is something I strongly value, especially with older students. As an instructor, it is important to not only to help the students that you are teaching, but also give them direction to help others. The influence of group work - when students communicate and assist each other - transforms not only the students, but also the atmosphere of the class as a whole.

In order to recognize their strengths and weaknesses, I believe that students should be able to explore and experiment with what they like or dislike. In my classroom, I additionally believe that students should have freedom that allows for innovation and imagination. Through this foundation, the curriculum is adjusted and catered to every student’s style of learning. I believe in educating pupils with clear-cut instruction, but does not fail to give them room to advance and develop individually.

From my experiences in high school, I am able to recognize the importance of reassurance and encouragement for the sake of a student’s personal motivation. One way I will aim to fulfill this goal of motivating students is through various supportive, yet challenging assignments and lessons. As a future English teacher, I truly aspire to aid pupils to understand literature on a deeper level. I additionally want them to continuously absorb knowledge regarding both the literature and the language. Additionally, I aim to prepare my future pupils to develop the abilities that are required for writing as an adult, in post-secondary education.

When discussing secondary education, it is reasonable for the educator to be the one to lead class discussions at the start of the school year. However, towards the end of the year, students will be able to put forward their own concepts and questions and answering the, independently. This aids in expanding the pupils’ knowledge and teaches them how to seek necessary information in a multitude of options. Being able to think independently and work for the answer are useful traits to have in periods where these students are learning how to be self-sufficient and individualistic. As a future educator, it is critical to remember to enjoy students and everything they have to offer. Sometimes it can be a struggle, but if something goes wrong, there is always a way to fix the problem. No matter what, there is always the power to make change.

Personally, I used to keep old elementary workbooks from when my school year would end because I thought throwing away these unfilled pages of grammar, spelling, or random math and science problems was like throwing away knowledge. Letting my little sister have access to this knowledge and teaching her the material that I previously learned is the most fulfilling and best thing I can do for her academically. Having the ability to also teach my parents more about the English language is also a rewarding experience; the ability of giving back to those who have given everything is exciting and something I value deeply. This idea of sharing knowledge and working together is what I believe is an absolute necessity when becoming an educator. This ideology of helping students, who will then help others, is able to unify individuals inside and outside of school premises.

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