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I first began working at Walmart back in 2016. This was my first job experience in years since my accident and my surgery. I’ve come a long way at this establishment. I’ve accomplished numerous tasks, skills, and job titles in my two years of service here. My main title is customer service, but I’ve floated and trained within that job description. I’ve worked the money center, self check-out, and cashier. I have also helped out in other departments when needed too. This job has bettered my people skills, listening skills, and my ability to better focus on detail.

In a nutshell; this job changed my mindset as far as how I live my daily life. This job has taught me to treat others as I want to be treated. I easily saw how customers become frustrated with their service. They don’t like things to move slow when they are in a rush. They don’t like things to move fast when they are trying to take their time and make sure they have everything. They want to see a smile, and feel good vibes no matter what mood they may be in. I understand these things because this is what I expect from any establishment that i’m spending my money at. So I try my best to be understanding, steady paced, and respectful to all customers even if they aren’t so respectful towards me. The way that I see it; I represent the company that pays me. I’m paid to not only do my job, but also to make people feel good enough to keep coming back and spending their money with Walmart. If I can make customers feel good and comfortable enough to keep coming back and spend their money with Walmart; then I have no issue keeping a good paying job. My mindset is not only on the money that I make working there; but rather on the fact that I can’t make the money unless I do the job fully.

To do the job fully also means that I had to learn how to manage my time. Im only at work for a scheduled amount of hours. In that set amount of time I have several tasks. Those tasks change daily depending on customers, employees, and management’s needs. I learned to multi task so that I can get more done than I usually would on a busy day. I’ve learned how to help a customer, while still performing a task that management has given me. I assist other team mates during my down time. And I take my breaks on time and don’t exceed my break times. No matter what I’m doing; I always make time for the customer. In my everyday life this helps me manage time at home as well. I put myself on a schedule as to when to wake up, when to shower, cook breakfast, and prepare for dinner. As long as I keep to my schedule for home and work, my home always stays in order and I’m always on time for work. I even leave home a little early to make time to get a small snack before my shift starts because a small snack helps me better prepare for my work day.

I have had to learn several different things about myself and others working this job. I’ve learned how to make myself comfortable at work while still getting the job done. I’ve learned how to assist customers in more efficient ways. Customer service is one of the biggest learning experiences that you could ever go through. You have learn to keep your cool, stay level headed, and just breathe most times. You find that the job itself becomes a lot easier as long as you are willing to learn and listen. They have something you want, and you have something they need. You can come to a peaceful, and rewarding agreement as long as you are willing to listen. Listening is a learning process though. You have to be willing to learn how to do things another way and not your way. You learn that your way is not always the right way and that you have to take pointers from other experienced people, management, and even the customers sometimes.

Once you learn to listen and be open to other people’s ideas, then your social skills will take off from there. The more I listen to my customers, the more I’m able to relate to them. I end up finding things in common with them. I’m able to have intellectual conversations with them, and still do my job. I can make small talk and still perform tasks. It gets easier every day to smile and talk to people with general concern and competence. I just follow the idea of treat others the way that I want to be treated. This is something that I’ve learned that has taken me very far. When something is said to me that I don’t understand for whatever the reason may be; I can always just find a team member that can better help and explain what is going on. Wherever I turn, I have a boat load of help all around me. So I don’t get afraid to make a mistake or run into a rude customer because I have management and team members that will assist me at any time.
I’ve acquired many different skills over the last two years that have helped me improve my life at home, my interactions with people, and my work performance as well.

I have had several raises, bonuses, excellent vacation pay, and many different rewards for my excellent customer service skills. For the skills I have learned and show in the workplace pays off when I see my check, and my quarterly bonus. The bonus I receive every quarter is a big reflection of my attendance and my ability to accurately perform my job duties. Because of the skills that I possess; I have never missed a bonus, a check, or a raise. I’m often rewarded for all of this. Im respected by my co workers and the customers because of my ability to do my job, and because I give people the same respect that I ask for. I’m on time, ready to learn, ready to work, ready to help, and ready take on the day everyday. I have pride in my job. It has taught me a lot, and I find a sense of happiness knowing that I’m helping people in some way or another.

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