Teaching Experience

Teaching is an honorable profession, which in my opinion, is highly underrated and underappreciated. Through teaching, one can offer so much to others, which is a step toward the betterment of society. My reason for pursuing a degree in the field of Education stems from my desire to make a positive impact on the lives of as many children as I can. Teaching is more than a 40-hour per week job and more of a lifestyle. It is important that teachers understand the importance of their role in children’s lives as, well as in the lives of the families of these children. Teachers are responsible for facilitating children’s social, emotional, physical, intellectual and cultural learning and development. Providing children with quality care and education ensures that they are equipped with the tools necessary for a successful future.

Every experience in a children’s lives becomes a part of who they become in the future. Early childhood education is essential as it establishes a solid foundation for learning and development in children through exploration, work and play. The physical, social and emotional development of children affects who they become as adults. Therefore, it is essential that care is taken in children’s learning and development from a young age to ensure they become valuable assets of society.The quality of the learning environment plays a pivotal role in teaching and learning. The ideal learning environment is visually and mentally stimulating. More importantly, it is physically and emotionally safe for children to explore, learn and grow. It is comfortable and warm and provides children with different opportunities, catering to different needs and senses. Children benefit immensely from engaging in uninhibited activities, consisting of not only work but also play. This is essential for their physical, emotional, social and cognitive development. I am committed to providing children with a cordial environment where they can experience genuine, unbiased love and care and freedom to be themselves.

I honor the unique individuality of every child; therefore, I am looking to learn of more holistic approaches to teaching and learning. Consequently, my planning will be thorough and cater to each child’s cultural, intellectual, emotional, social and physical needs. To ensure they reach their full potential, I believe children must be encouraged and challenged to discover things for themselves. Keeping children actively engaged in their learning provides a sense of personal responsibility and independence. I will provide them with the opportunity to make their own decisions and learn from them, taking into consideration their safety and that of others.

As an educator, it is my role to guide students and be a positive role model for them. My strongest characteristic as an early childhood educator is my passion for teaching and learning and especially, for children. I am continually looking for new ways to improve my teaching skills and incorporate instructional approaches to developing better connections with children. I understand that being a teacher is a lifelong process of growing and learning and it goes way beyond the actual classroom. Children should be allowed to explore and learn without restriction or judgement. I am confident in all children’s ability to learn and be successful and I support their progress throughout their learning journey by continual observation, planning, documentation, evaluation, and reflection.

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