Baking Experience Essay

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Ding! The oven does as the timer is finished. You Have made a snack for your family. You want to learn how to do more. Well You can follow a cookbook but let’s do the basics. Here you will learn how to bake magnificent desserts learn how to not burn your house down when baking and have fun.

First Of all one way to not burn your house down is by following the oven instructions because if you don't things can get bad. If you leave the oven on for to long, the oven can overheat and it will start to release Co2 which is carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide can be fatal or harmful to pets and humans so only turn it on when you are ready and also when using the top of a gas stove or a burner don't leave it ticking when you're trying to turn on the heat because if you leave it gas will go into your air and if one spark and Boom bye house you will be left dead or if you be careful, you can be safe. That is how to not burn your house down.

Secondly you can bake magnificent desserts like cakes and flan which is delicious. One is to always find all your ingredients. Secondly don't go with the recipe to the max that it is the same so be a little creative if you make a cake don't add 2 exact cups of flour add like 2 and ¼ of a cup to it. Add instead of half a teaspoon of baking powder add 1 teaspoon of it so you're cake can be light and fluffy. Mix you're batter well if you just mix it until it is creamy at the top no mix near the sides because some flower will get stuck to the sides of the bowl and be raw and that is not good for your body. Also when making a cake when it looks done it can be not may not be done you can see if the cake is done if you use a toothpick or a knife to check just insert it in the middle if it comes out clean it will be done if pieces of batter are stuck to it leave it a few more minutes. always be creative and make it count.

Lastly to have fun just do the following you can pretend that you are the best chef and make you're cakes frosting look like anything. You can have some background music and dance while you cook or mix the batter to the beat of the song. Make your house look like a bakery decorate your cake with fun edible candies. Do it your way.

In conclusion baking is important because you won't be having cake your kids parties no dessert at restaurants and no fun warm snack to eat as a midnight snack. That is why you should always do when baking Read all the instructions so you won't burn your house down, make magnificent desserts and always have some fun that is why baking is important.          

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