Global Warming Causes Effects

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Boarded by India, Bangladesh resides in South Asia and is one of the most heavily populated countries in the world. As of 2020, Bangladesh has a population of 164,304,902, which makes up 2.11% of the world’s population. With having such a dense population, comes a lot of issues that affect the country of Bangladesh on a day to day bases. Many of these issues cause detrimental effects that have negative impacts on not only the people but the environment as well. Although Bangladesh is growing every day, they are faced with major geographic issues, such as climate change, pollution, and social issues.

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“Global Warming Causes Effects”

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Bangladesh is one of the most susceptible countries to climate change effects, and almost every year it suffers from significant natural disasters, which have severe effects on rural and local communities. Some of these natural disasters Bangladesh suffers from include flooding, droughts, earthquakes, and erosion. With Bangladesh already having a hot climate, it doesn’t help with the on-going concern for sea-level rise. In fact, sea-level rise can be seen in the Bay of Bengal and it can be estimated that the sea-level in this area can exceed one meter by 2100; ultimately, it can result in displacing an estimated 13 million Bangladeshis. Flooding is very prominent in Bangladesh and has resulted in thousands of deaths. One of the elements that contribute to floods is human factors. Due to deforestation and changes in agricultural practices, floods have become more prevalent. Ironically, another major problem Bangladesh faces are droughts. This is especially concerning because it directly affects agricultural production in the country.

These droughts are exceedingly alarming to communities where the people are heavily reliant on crop production, livestock farming, and rainfall for drinking water. Low seasonal and annual rainfall, rainfall fluctuations and climate change impacts, and extreme temperatures significantly influence droughts in Bangladesh. Not to mention, Bangladesh sits on one of the most active tectonic plates in the world. It is believed that “buried under miles of sediment lies a locked and loaded megathrust fault” that can ultimately lead to an “earthquake up to 9.0 magnitude”. This is extremely threatening to the citizens of Bangladesh because they are immensely vulnerable to natural disasters. Therefore, if an earthquake of this magnitude were to occur it can have catastrophic effects since a majority of the infrastructures in Bangladesh aren’t prepared to withstand such power.

Pollution is particularly severe in Bangladesh; consequently, many people are suffering from its detrimental effects every day. There is an ample supply of water in Bangladesh, but these supplies are heavily contaminated. Both groundwater and surface water are continually being polluted with numerous toxins, such as harmful heavy metals, coliforms, and other chemical substances. This has caused various health concerns within the densely populated country; in fact, there have been a widespread number of deaths related to polluted water. The problem is that Industrial factories continue to pump biohazard waste into these water supplies; therefore, it sets back the efforts being made to reduce the amount of pollution in the water supplies. According to a world bank study, “four major rivers near Dhaka, receive 1.5 million cubic meters of wastewater every day from 7,000 industrial units in surrounding areas and another 0.5 million cubic meters from other sources”. Due to this agriculture, livestock, and accessible drinking water has been directly affected in a negative way. Not only is pollution affecting the water supplies in Bangladesh, but air pollution has also become a very alarming threat. Air quality in the capital has been recognized as one of the worst in the world. According to the World Health Organization, Air pollution kills 195,000 Bangladeshi each year. Overpopulation and a lack of awareness, has just made this issue worsen over the years. Additionally, the main reason for this happening is due to industrial factories and the volume of vehicles releasing emissions and toxins into the air every day. The massive impact pollution has on Bangladesh is and continues to be destructive; therefore, there needs to be actions taken in order to stop this issue from worsening.

Lastly, social issues in Bangladesh have become more complex and challenging. About 24.3% of the population are currently living below the national poverty line. Poverty in Bangladesh has taken a significant toll on its people. Rising unemployment rates, food prices, and a weak economy make it impossible for the citizens of Bangladesh to make it out of poverty. Almost half of the population lives in slums, where conditions are very unsanitary and unsafe for the people living in them. Adults and children are suffering from severe malnutrition and other health concerns due to their living conditions. Although the economy has seen recent growth, the overwhelming widespread of poverty among the citizens of Bangladesh overshadows this growth. Due to poor governance, corruption, and lack of jobs, Bangladesh hasn’t seen that much of a change in the percentage of the population living below the national poverty line.

Overall, Bangladesh has underlying issues that are crucial and detrimental to its people and its environment. There is an urgency for change; therefore, actions need to be taken in order to reduce the destructive impacts these issues have caused before it’s too late. Climate change, pollution, and social issues are among the few critical problems Bangladesh is currently facing. Creating ways to clean water, minimizing waste, raising minimum wage, creating more jobs, and assisting those in need can have a significance in moving towards change. 

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