Importance of Global Warming

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WHO is estimates that 4.6 million people die from pollution each year by asthma, lung and heart diseases, and respiratory allergies, most of these people are from California and other places. What are some ways we could try to stop this? First, cutting out greenhouse gases, second, recycling motor oil, third, picking up your pet's messes.

The fires in California are one of the main causes of pollution in America. Places, where major floods are happening, could get poured on fires, instead, of taking the water from the ocean, or dumping hazardous chemicals on the fires, making people's breathing even worse, this goes for everywhere else in the world.

Animal waste is also adding to the pollution, and owners aren't picking up after their pets enough, this has polluted crops and killed people. Pet owners that don't pick up enough could take a course about picking up more and finding out about the effects of not picking up for your pets.

Plastic straws and other plastic items are ruining marine life for fish, there is literally an island of just plastic in the middle of the ocean. Large companies are banning plastic straws completely, but it doesn't help enough, because going to places like target is still selling them to people.

Gas emissions and exhaust gases are also horrible for the environment, and gas could cause acid rain, give people irritation in the lungs, eyes, throat, and nose from direct contact. Greenhouse gases are causing global warming, making the earth heat up a lot and melting ice in Antarctica and destroying homes for penguins and polar bears in cold regions.

Coal is adding to the California fires by sending gas to make the fires even worse, and on top of that, chemicals are being dropped on top of the fires, making it worse for humans to breathe, and worse for the atmosphere. Cigarettes are also adding to the smoke worsening the fires.

Marine life is dying because of plastic and oil pollution, and seafood restaurants are getting fish that could have plastic and oil in them, making people have oil in them as well, and since 70% of the earth is the ocean, we could be in trouble, and we haven't even discovered all the ocean.

Air pollution from cars could give pregnant women’s children autism if breathed in, this could not just be pollution from cars, but from fires, if so, new Californians could get autism, and India Has a lot of pollution from cars, so autism research funds should be good.

Crops are getting polluted, and animals are eating them, worsening the animals and infecting them, this meat gets sent to stores and gets sold to the public making them sick. Animal’s crops are getting infected because of smoke getting into them, once an animal reproduces the bad stuff gets in the baby animal and so on.

6th grade could take a field trip and go around Austin to pick up peoples litter.

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