China’s Energy Productio

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China’s energy production intensely depends on coal and while there are a lot of pros that come with coal, there are also a lot of cons that are so significant that it has to be changed. In China because they have a big coal supply, nearly 80% of its power generation originate from coal (ChinaFAQs). This has a lot different factors. This essay is analyzing different factors of why Solar Energy is the best source of energy production in China. The pros and cons will be evaluated and justified further with arguments and verification.

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“China’s Energy Productio”

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Coal is served with an abundant supply, which is concentrated in industrialized countries, which helps China a lot (TriplePundit).It is also very cheap compared to alternative energy sources like solar energy. Another pro of coal in China is that the clean coal technology is being used in China. Clean Coal says that it doesn’t enter the atmosphere but so far it didn’t have great success and is not safe for the environment(InsideEnergy). Clean coal is also not carbon free. The problem of using coal in fossil fuel power generation is that coal is a non-reusable energy source. Coal is also responsible for more than the quarter of the nations global warming emissions. It has very significant and harmful consequences to the environment and coal mining degrades the surrounding landscapes. Burning coal releases a lot of toxic substances into the atmosphere, while coal produced power puts substantial requests on water assets. Everything signifies a gigantic and expensive effect. Another aspect of using coal is that it isn’t very healthy because coal emissions are linked to increase the rate of asthma and especially lung cancer and burning coal emits mercury and and other very heavy metals that could potentially present major health risks and issues.

Coal produces electricity by thermal coal which is either black or brown and also has been pulverised to a fine powder, is burned. The heat that results gets is utilized to transform the water into steam. The steam with high pressure is then used to turn a turbine, associated with an electrical generator. Then the spinning turbine makes expansive magnets to turn within copper wire coils, also called the generator. The moving magnets then cause electrons in the wires to move starting with one place then onto the next, creating an electrical current and producing a lot of electricity.

The alternative energy source is Solar Energy which is a renewable energy generator. Solar energy can be harnessed everywhere in the world and is available for everyone every day. This could also be a huge advantage for China, fixing their problems with pollution and coal. Another advantage of solar energy is that it has diverse applications. It can be either used for heat (solar thermal) or to generate electricity (Photovoltaics). Solar energy can also produce energy in places where there is no energy grid. When you generate electricity with solar energy, you also save a lot of electricity bills depending on the size of the solar system and the usage of electricity. If you generate more electricity than you use, the surplus made will be exported back to the grid and you will receive extra payments. Solar energy has very low maintenance costs and solar energy is constantly developed in Technology, which means improvements will intensify in the future.

One of the cons of Solar Energy is that it has a high initial cost. This incorporates paying for solar panels, batteries, inverter and wirings. Although this is a negative, solar energy is developing, so the price will go down accordingly. Solar energy pollutes far less than other alternative sources, but it still pollutes. Transportation and establishment of solar panels have been related to the emission of greenhouse gases. There are also some toxic materials used during the process of generating electricity. Toxic materials are a danger for the environment as citizens could be affected by getting lung cancer or other death threatening diseases.

Another con of Solar Energy is that it is weather dependent, but not so heavily that it affects a lot during the generation of electricity.

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