Nuclear Energy in Different Spheres of Life

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 Nuclear energy is the energy that is released from an atom. This release of energy can be acquired through either the process of fission or fusion. During the process of fission, an atom is split releasing heat energy. In the process of fusion, two or more atoms are merged together at a very high speed. This action causes a release of energy. Since nuclear fusion is a challenging process, Nuclear fission is what scientist have developed in order to produce nuclear energy.

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“Nuclear Energy in Different Spheres of Life”

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Today, nuclear energy through fission is used as an alternative to generate electricity. Once the heat energy produces steam, the steam is then used in a turbine to create electricity without having to burn fuel producing greenhouse gases. This energy is serving its purpose in nuclear power plants around the world. According to the History of Nuclear Energy, Nuclear energy has been around as early as the late 1800’s where they started developing nuclear fission until 1945. By 1939 Scientists Otto Hahn and Fritz Strassmann had discovered that the process of Fission inside of uranium could cause a not only lots of energy to be release but it also could cause a sustain chain reaction. From this Experiment, they were able to create the first self- sustaining nuclear chain on December 2, 1942. This energy was used in making the Manhattan project come to life in world war ll.

After the war many scientists were focused on in what other ways could they use nuclear energy. In 1951 scientist produced electric power from nuclear energy for the first time. This led to the use of the nuclear power that is used today. Although Nuclear energy is mainly used to create a better alternative to generate electricity, this energy is also used in many other fields including, food and agriculture preservation, medicine, and adequate drinking water. Nuclear energy helps reduce the number of diseases found in livestock. As humans consume meat and other things from animals such as milk, nuclear energy is used to kill the disease, so it will not be passed on to humans making them sick. Nuclear energy is also used in medicine. According to World-Nuclear nuclear energy is used in radiation treatments for cancer.

Also, in medicine this energy is used to sterilize supplies, such as tools syringes, surgical gloves and many other tools used. Nuclear energy can also be used to make sure that humans have adequate drinking water. It is used for test and measure water resources underground that can help with preserving water. All these things and more, nuclear energy serves a purpose in.

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