Solar Energy against more Detrimental Forms

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Precise Purpose of Speech: To persuade my listeners/audience that solar power energy is the most sustainable and more superior source of energy compared to fossil fuels. In other words, solar power should be the main alternative source of energy worldwide.

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“Solar Energy against more Detrimental Forms”

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Approximately fifty years from now, the world will turn into something else if we continue to depend on unsustainable and non-renewable sources of energy, particularly fossil fuels. With the continued increase in oil and gas prices, it is a clear that supply is failing even though demand is high (Abas 35). Therefore, what will happen if this continues for the next 20-50 years? The new generation ache unending conflict over a scarcity of crude oil products. As a matter fact, it only predicts a future of insecurity both economically and politically. The only solution to this is solar energy.

In this regard, I will demonstrate the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of solar power as well as environmental benefits resulting from the usage of solar energy against more detrimental forms like fossil fuels. Energy sector plays a major role in economic growth globally.

Meaning, for us to achieve sustainable development, clean green energy forms must be strictly considered. Sustainable growth is based on the current use of energy to satisfy the present needs without compromising the capacity of the future generation to satisfy their needs too (Chu & Arun 294).

Therefore, if the dependence on fossil fuels remains, then our tomorrow’s generation will have to suffer the consequences of unfriendliness to the environmental resources. For example, mining is a major source of Environmental depletion. Through mining, land tracts of land are destroyed which may not be back. Besides, mining process releasing a lot of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, for example, Sulphur dioxides, carbon dioxides, hydrogen sulphides and methane among others. These gases contribute a lot global warming hence causing climate change. Based on these adverse consequences, what is the face of the Earth in the next few years to come? According to scientists, in few decades, environmental resources will be scarce unless we alter our ways of life, starting from the energy sector.

Also, it doesn’t matter whether you’re rich or poor, solar energy will and is available for everyone. It is clean, affordable and it is sustainable means of electricity generation. Solar energy is known for its affordable utility bills as well as escalated home value. It is essential if we think about solar energy based on the following; air pollution reduction. pollutants like carbon dioxide as well as methane emissions resulting burning fossil fuels are leading global warming contributors (Abas 43). Solar panels is greenhouse gas-free. If this can be done on a bigger scale approximately more than 500 billion metric tons of greenhouse gases would be subtracted annually. Apparently, it is a significant step towards solving the issue of human causes of climate change.

Solar power production uses photovoltaic cells that do not require water for electricity production. And, it also reduces pollution within the water reservoirs. Extraction of fossil fuels destroys the water table and pollutes the underground water (Gr?¤tzel 6855). Other methods also need water to turn turbines or cooling purposes and all these results into water pollution. Solar energy has no effect on water resources whatsoever. The sun is the most abundant energy source in the world. Scientifically, it produces up to 173,00 terawatts of planetary energy per second and this makes solar energy a renewable source of energy.

In conclusion, although fossil fuels may currently seem abundant, a time will come when the world will experience its scarcity. Actually, the cost of extraction will more expensive. The consequences in terms of financial infrastructures as well as the environment will be unrepairable. Substituting fossil fuels with solar energy now is the most appropriate or effective means to hedge contrary to the realism of infinite fossil fuel resources. In other words, solar energy is the only key to unlocking a brighter future for our descendants.

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