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Should we Use Nuclear Power as a Main Source of Energy

On April 20, 2010, the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig was watched by every nation as barrels of oil leaked into the Gulf of Mexico. This spill in particular was caused by a rush of natural gas that burst through the recently poured concrete which was used to seal off the oil well […]

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 The Power of Nuclear in Modern World

 The Power of Nuclear The most powerful source of energy in propinquity to the earth is the sun. The sun utilizes a form of energy creation known as fusion (Cain). The sun itself is run on nuclear power, and it is the predominant energy producer for the earth (Nuclear Fusion) (The Sun: Earth’s Primary Energy […]

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Is Nuclear Power the Answer to Fuel Costs and Global Warming?

“A cap and trade program would make it more expensive for companies to emit CO2, businesses would be more inclined to invest in clean energy, nonpolluting source of energy and profitable kind of energy” (Climate Change 3). The cap and trade program is a friendly solution to the problem of global warming. It is trying […]

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Nuclear Power: Pros and Cons

Nuclear Power Essay         With the issues of climate change and renewable resources remaining to be present day issues in America’s society, the question remains, how will America continue to produce its energy for generations to come? It has been recognized that reliance on fossils fuels and other nonrenewable resources, such as a coal and […]

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Nuclear Power and its Production

Nuclear Power and its Production Nuclear power is the use of nuclear reactions that release nuclear energy to generate heat. Nuclear power is a more efficient, upright way of boiling water to make steam. The steam produced is taken and later on converts turbines to manufacture electricity. Many wonder how does this process take place? […]

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Nuclear Fusion the Power of Tomorrow

INTRODUCTION Our growing need of energy has always been a problem. As the population grew and cities expanded, the demand for energy increased. Primarily, wind and running water were used as a source of energy to run factories during the Industrial Revolution. Before long, we started producing and using electricity to do work by burning […]

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The Myths of Nuclear Power Safety

There are many myths and lies surrounding pro-nuclear power that are being made public by people who have a vested interest in the production and growth of the nuclear power industry. The myths that nuclear is a safe energy source, cost less to construct and operate, is better for the environment and has little risk […]

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An Issue of Nuclear Authorization

 Imagine being told nuclear energy is the answer to many of the problems we face, as you walk into an Environmental Science class one day? I do not have to because this happened to me, and I was prepared to walk to the counselor to ask to be removed from the course. I was shocked! […]

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The Threat of Nuclear Power

 There is a touching book based on a real story called Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes written by Eleanor Coerr. The book is about a two-year-old girl Sadako who survived Hiroshima bombing, but by the age of twelve she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. She was informed that she had one year to live. […]

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The Socio-Economic Impacts of Solar Energy on Rural Developments in Nigeria

Energy is a very essential component for any social development and economic growth of a nation. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA) report (2014a), around 1.5 to 2 billion people lack access to electricity, and a billion more have only an unreliable and intermittent supply. Also, 16% of world’s population will still have no […]

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Solar Energy: a History and Analysis

Despite the fact that people think solar energy is something that is fairly new, we have known about it and how to harness energy from the sun. The discovery of solar energy as a concept starts in the early 1800s. In1839 Alexandre Edmond Becquerel discovered the photovoltaic effect, which explains how electricity can be generated […]

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Advantages to Using Nuclear Power

MegaWatt Electrical Company has requested to the city councils of South St Paul and Inver Grove Heights to build a nuclear power plant near their borders. There are some advantages however a lot more disadvantages to building this nuclear power plant that this essay will address. I think that this nuclear power plant should not […]

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A Possibility of Usage of Nuclear Power

 The pursuit of finding the best sustainable energy resource has been ongoing for many years. As the world consumes more energy, the search for a solution to our energy problem becomes more urgent. The world’s energy consumption, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, is expected to grow from 6.0 joules of energy to 7.8 […]

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Sunshine Energy Today

Introduction With the current talks on the globally sustainable development goals like affordable, clean, reliable energy and the persistent demand for energy, the world continues to explore the alternative sources (The World Bank, 2016). The alternative here is in reference to fossil fuels, which were once the major source of energy but have over time […]

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Solar Power Cost Analysis

Solar energy is a renewable energy source that needs to be in every community. It has the capability to face the many challenges that the world faces. With the power source increasing every year in popularity, more people are coming to realize its versatile and the benefits solar energy has to people and the environment. […]

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Implementing Nanotechnology and Solar Energy Conversion

Emergencies and natural disaster have affected many communities throughout many decades. Leaving communities vulnerable and without power in many instances. Technology, however, is giving communities an opportunity to recover rapidly and not feel as much of the negative impact caused by natural disasters and emergencies. This paper will discuss the importance of resilient community planning, […]

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Computing Net Solar Energy

The divulging of Kenya’s Vision 2030 denoted a huge achievement in the nation’s turn of events. Significant among its three key viewpoints is the social column that underlines on the requirement for an impartial social advancement in a perfect and secure climate dependent on the change of eight basic social areas including schooling and preparing, […]

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Renewable Energy Project Wind Energy

For the renewable energy project, group 1 was tasked with focusing on wind energy. This focus consisted of the history of wind power and wind turbines, the numerical analysis based on values obtained for the system, and a trip visit to a relevant location of wind power. Wind power is renewable source of energy that […]

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Why is Nuclear Power a Good Idea?

Thesis: Nuclear power is a good idea because it costs less, does not pollute as much as much as other powers, and less fuel gives more energy. Costs Less: Less fuel gives more energy (1) (Koval, Chala. 2018. p. 1) and as a result, Uranium is very efficient compared to coal and oil (3) (Brungleinghaus, […]

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 Should a Nuclear Plant be Built?

 Should a nuclear plant be built to be used in the City of Columbus?     Currently Ohio has two nuclear power plants, both located along the shores of Lake Erie. However, both are subject to closure in the upcoming years. With the lingering possibility of these two plants closing there will be a dramatic and […]

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Analysis of Wind Energy

The advancement in technology which led to industrialization over the last century has resulted in geometric increase in population. Breakthrough in the field of medicine and other technologies subsequently improved fertility, rise in life expectancy and rise in standard of living. The baby boom era saw an unprecedented rise in population from 2.1 billion to […]

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Viability of Wind Energy Generation in Nigeria

ABSTRACT Globally, it is on record that wind energy is fast becoming a growing technology in energy generation. The usual erratic and epileptic power supply in Nigeria is no longer news. This, coupled with the interest in global warming must be a great concern for all and should activate our passion to key into strong […]

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Wind Energy in the United States

In 2018, a greater demand for renewable energy is encountered. Renewable energy sources are desirable as they do not have a finite limit or can be recycled, unlike fossil fuels. The main source of energy that has been used since the Industrial Revolution has been the burning of fossil fuels, which produces greenhouse gases. The […]

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Potential Economic Consequences of Wind Energy Subsidies Removal

An Examination of Wind Energy Subsidies and the Potential Economic Consequences of their Removal Our purpose was to investigate the potential economic consequences should wind power lose various subsidies. The information found in this paper was collected from research articles found in various online journals. First, we investigated whether wind power was capable of profitability […]

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Nuclear Power Industry Issue

 Nuclear Power Industry in the US The nuclear power industry in the United States of America has its origin in the post-World War 2 era where President Eisenhower’s Atoms for Peace Program oversaw the first commercial generation of nuclear power at Shippingport Atomic Power Station (Duke Energy, 2012) with an initial capacity of 60 megawatts […]

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How Wind Energy Destroyed our Wild Life

Renewable energy is generated by a natural and unconventional source it only need to convert natural energy sources such as the sun, wind, and water into continual energy to facilitate their use in everyday life. Renewable energy is widely available in nature, unlike underground fossil fuels in limited forms like oil, gas, and coal and […]

Pages: 2 Words: 468 Topics: Bird, Earth, Energy, Natural Environment, Renewable Energy, Wind Energy, Wind Power, Wind Turbine

What should we Know about Nuclear Power

Nuclear reaction is the process in which either the parent atom decays and produces various atoms and radiation (Nuclear Fission) or two atoms combine to produce a massive atom which also releases some radiation (Nuclear Fusion). Both type of the nuclear reaction releases higher amount of energy, in the form of heat. The heat produced […]

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Possible Future of Nuclear Energy

The Future of Nuclear Energy Abstract Climate change is a threat to the entire planet. The increase in global temperature is significantly altering our planet’s climate, resulting in more extreme and unpredictable weather. Greenhouses gases, such as carbon dioxide, trap heat in the atmosphere and regulate our climate. These gases exist naturally, but humans add […]

Pages: 14 Words: 4109 Topics: Atom, Carbon Dioxide, Fossil Fuels, Greenhouse Effect, Natural Gas, Nuclear Energy, Nuclear Power, Renewable Energy

Nuclear Energy: a Beneficial Solution for the Future

When I first hear the words Nuclear Energy or Nuclear Power I immediately think of bombs, weapons, radiation, and danger. I associate the word nuclear with a negative connotation and a sense of fear. In school, I had learned about the war and how the United States had used nuclear weapons to bomb other countries […]

Pages: 10 Words: 3034 Topics: Climate Change, Global Warming, Greenhouse Effect, Natural Gas, Nuclear Energy, Nuclear Power, Renewable Energy, Wind Power

The Overall Impact of Nuclear Energy

The use of nuclear energy has continued to grow over the years despite all of the divided opinions across the globe. Nuclear energy technology started making advances after the discovery of the atom, a feat credited to the Greeks and the follow up work of scientists who furthered this research in the 18th and 19th […]

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