Using Solar Energy to Save Money

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According to Encyclopedia, We use solar energy to save money even though it is expensive to use the sun's energy. Solar energy is the most abundant renewable energy source that is still useful in the United States today. The reason to why it's abundant is because the sun comes up every day and it generates from the light. Although it is expensive to have heating through thermal energy, it's useful for long periods of time until the sun runs out technically. Solar power is renewable because it saves greenhouses when electricity is producing itself. The sun itself is renewable because of light and heat, so by solar using sun for power we use less of coal, gas, and oil that's used on a daily basis for most people doesn't save you much money. This type of energy is considered to be one of the best resources that replaces fuel. Its infinite and helps out not only just houses but buildings too. Panels are safe and clean, have zero wastes or emissions its an energy that can be used for a lifetime. So many different companies, countries, and other places use solar for the quality of better living. The companies that use this form of power are places like Target, Walmart, Apple, Costco, Macy's and more. It benefits well by showing other ways to help the environment which can be passed onto others who might still be using fuel gasses for electricity that aren't natural. To have solar energy power costs about 25,000-35,000 or more depending on the location. However we question why its so expensive to have it if it helps us save money? That's because it is natural and last longer than gases which eventually burn out. The most expensive part is just paying for the panels itself and the material that comes along with it. There are ways the cost can go down in the long run it'll reduce and help eliminate the high electric bills every month someone pays. Not everyone can really start to only use solar for their power because it is competitive and the expense will go up higher to put up millions of solar for people around the world, and those get scared about the sun dying out quicker that way. In 1839 is when solar started, Alexandre Edmond discovered certain materials that had small particles of electric current when its around light. 1953 Calvin Fuller, Gerald Rearson, and Daryl Chapin all founded in the silicon solar cell such as photovoltaic cell for light source. The history of solar energy didn't just start by only one person different people back then discovered different things that made it an impact in today's environment. Also then discovered that solar cant be used at night or in shady areas, which is a great thing. Because it saves so you can have power during the day so that its useful when needed and saves twice as more than just from the sun being close to infinite. I believe that the future of solar energy will widespread and change a lot of people's worlds. Even though its costly to get the material the thought of people saving for the better is remarkable. A lot of times we see those who don't really care about saving or helping the environment and even times don't know the right reasons to want to save. Eventually fuel and gasses that run electricity now wont work too well, so we would have to start using solar power more and getting used to gaining energy from the sun as needed.
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