Positive Outcomes of Solar Energy

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For humanity, energy means the sustainability of life as we know it, and production on new technologies for future generations. Without, energy it would be impossible to have advances in technology. That is why solar energy should be something to be consider for new advances in technology, and the prevention of the ongoing destruction of our atmosphere. Solar energy can prevent impacts such as: water pollution, air pollution, light pollution, and climate change emissions that release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Fortunately, there are methods that have been built to help minimize the ongoing destruction of the environment. In, the past two centuries people have been using the sun’s energy to manufacture electricity. The United States and other countries are adapting to the stricter rules that come with solar energy. Not only is solar energy prodigious for the environment but it can also increase GDP growth for a country; not to mention it is a free renewable source that can increase property value.

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“Positive Outcomes of Solar Energy”

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One of the main positive outcomes of solar energy is the preservation of the environment. Solar energy creates a renewable energy source which means unlike fossil fuels, coal, and nuclear energy, it is infinite (Solar Energy Pros and Cons). Earth is estimated to obtain 384.6 yotta watts (3.8461026) of energy from the sun in the form of light and radiation (Solar and Sustainable energy). Aforementioned, it means that the amount of sun the Earth gets in its surface in a month is equivalent to all the energy that has been obtained through fossil fuels. In a month the Earth gets more solar energy than the remaining fossil fuels found on Earth (Pearson). In essence, solar energy offsets more than 74 million metric tons of CO2 emissions each year (Solar Research Data), making it equivalent to taking 15.8 million vehicles off the road and planting 1.9 billion trees (Solar Research Data). Logically looking at the studies about solar energy, it should be acknowledged for infrastructures that exist or are being built. Doing so can save the future of existing and future life on Earth. Earth can benefit from solar energy by the reduction of carbon dioxide that is being emitted on the atmosphere, the destruction of ecosystems, and improvement of health for biotic and abiotic organisms.

Not only can solar energy help the overall environment, it can also increase the GDP of the countries that use them. The United States, China, Germany, and Iceland are using solar energy in which studies have shown an increase in their GDP. One of these countries that has shown an incredible increase in GDP is China. Looking back in 2013, China had a total capacity of 378 GW of renewable power (China’s Energy Transition). The indicated increase China has for solar power predicts that $1,042 billion is being added respectively, meaning that it accounts for about 0.58 to 0.47 percent of GDP increase to their economy (Science Direct). The United States is the second leading country to increase the solar energy consumption (cite here). During 2017, solar energy generated $17 billion in the United States economy alone (solar as an Economic Engine). According to the new analysis by the International Renewable Energy Agency, if 36 percent of solar energy is reached by 2030, it can increase global GDP by 1.1 percent (IRENA). This would lead to roughly $1.3 trillion US dollars (IRENA). During a recent Paris Agreement, many countries are being encouraged to take action in the infrastructure of solar energy due to a big increase in GDP into each countries’ economy (United Nations Climate Change). According to Adnan Z. Amin, an Irena director general stated that analyzing the increase in GDP for solar energy can stimulate human welfare and boost employment worldwide (United Nations Climate Change). Employment would increase from $9.2 million to more than $24 million by 2030 (United Nations Climate Change). Looking at the statistics of how much solar energy can generate into a countries GDP and the impact it can create for future job perspective, more countries should consider a switch to solar energy.

Not only can solar energy increase a country’s economy, it can also increase a person’s property value. For example: in California, a small solar panel can get 3.1 kilowatts in a medium sized home and can add an average of $18,324 to the value of the property (Cost of Solar). Looking at the increase of the value of what a home can get by adding solar energy to a medium sized home, it can increase significantly higher if installed to bigger buildings. According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, installing 5kw of solar panels adds an average of $29,555 to the retail value of a medium sized home ( ). Solar panels in the past have been expensive, but innovative technology in the past 30 years has significantly declined the cost and improved the system quality and design (Sunrun). Today the cost of solar panel installation for a home is between $15,000 to $29,000 for a system size between 4kWand 8kW, and a lot of companies let people install solar panels for as little as $0 down (Sunrun). Recently, my significant other decided to purchase a home with solar panels. Not only did it increase the value of the home he purchased, it also diminished the cost of his electricity bill to a couple dollars each month. On top of the financial increase he has seen, it also has had a positive impact on the footprints of fossil fuels he consumes every day.

The cessation of fossil fuels can get Earth closer to obtaining a halt on Earth’s climate change. Solar energy will not stop climate change, but it can slow down the rate at which climate change is happening. There are many scientific studies that show fossil fuels are harming the Earth and environment around it. It is up to us as humans to correct the harms we have caused the Earth. Replacing fossil fuels with solar energy is a small step that makes a big difference on our environment.

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