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Using wind as the primary source of energy you have to supply yourself with electricity is interesting to think about. After some research though, I have found that wind energy can be used in very effective ways. There are many ways that wind energy has been proven to be better than other forms of obtaining and using energy. Wind energy is a great source of energy that should be used more in the future. Here are some ways that using the wind for energy is a better way of doing things. You do not have to burn anything to produce it, causing no pollution. There is and always will be wind in the atmosphere, so it is reliable and will never run out. It only takes small amounts of space to harbor enough windmills to give power to entire cities. The price of using wind energy is dropping every year and will continue to become cheaper. Costs to build and repair windmills is low. People that use wind energy are protected against sometimes life threatening power outages that other sources of energy sometimes experience. The list is much bigger but those are just some facts about how wind energy is better. Of course though nothing is perfect and wind energy does have a few cons. If you are looking to operate large numbers of buildings and equipment using wind energy, you will need a large number of windmills. This could turn out to be pretty costly when you get into large numbers of windmills and the land you must buy to put them on. Windmills are not a cheap investment upfront. Although they turn out to save you money in the long run, getting them built requires and large investment of money up front. There have been many noise complaints reported from neighboring homes of windmills that they are too loud and disturb the peace. Windmills have also been flagged as a threat to wildlife because they kill many birds and take away many other animals habitats. Believe it or not, there have been complaints on how windmills look too. People have said that they disturb the beauty of nature. (Jeff Whiting) Imagine never having to pay an electric bill again. If you put a small wind turbine in your backyard it would produce enough electricity each day to more than abundantly run your house. (14 little-known facts about wind energy.) You could save an enormous amount of money each year not paying an electric bill. The average household electric bill right now in the united states is $110.21. (Josh Miller) If you had a wind turbine producing your home's electricity, that would be one hundred extra dollars to use or save a month. From the research done, wind energy overall sounds like a really practical and cheap way for us to produce electricity. When compared to other sources of energy, it is much more effective. More people should look into using wind energy. It's a growing source of energy and in the near future will most likely be one of the major sources of energy used world wide. In the long run it is drastically cheaper and eases the pollution on the world. So many other sources of energy pollute the earth and drain peoples wallets. Wind energy is a very effective solution to that problem world wide. Wind energy is cheaper, more effective, and more practical than other sources of energy. Using natural elements to power our world is the smart thing to do. Wind energy will dramatically change how we live for the better.
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