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With a growing career of opportunities and growing education expansion, Respiratory Therapy is a rewarding field to be educated and involved in as It helps us help the ones in need whether they may be critical, trauma or even recovering patients. As I believe that a life given of breath, is a life well lived.

I graduated High School in 2012 and as soon as I graduated, I knew I wanted to focus and persuade my career in the science field. At the beginning of my college career, I wasn’t too sure of what exactly in science was it that I wanted to do so as a starter I began my college at the Houston Community college and at Wharton County Junior College/ University of Houston where I decided to take some of my basic science classes there as those will be the basic course requirement for my admission in the science field career. For the beginning I started taking classes with history, government, fine arts, humanities, psychology, philosophy, chemistry, Anatomy,  biology, college algebra, microbiology and even organic chemistry 1 and 2. While I was taking these courses I had decided on a few majors that I wanted to do further studies on like pharmacy and nursing but as I continued it was not quit what I wanted so I continued taking courses leading to this direction. My interest in the Respiratory Therapy began at a college fair that was happening at the University Of Houston where counsellors from different school had came explaining and giving information on the program they had offered at their school and in that fair, one of the school that had came was the University Of Texas at medical Branch and that was where they had a stable set up explaining what a respiratory Therapy Program is all about as it was a new program that had started at most schools. 

As the counsellor told me and gave me more information about it, I knew that it was definitely something I was interested in and wanted to get proper education and admission into the program. Some of the most common pre requisites required to enter this program at any accredited university or college are English 1 and 2, Biology 1 and 2 , Chemistry, College Algebra, Anatomy 1 and 2, HPRS, and Computer Science. A Few additional classes may or may not be required for admission depending on the college and their requirements. Once you are accepted into the Respiratory Therapy Program, most Associate program are 1.5 years long divided into 5 semester. As per Delmar requirements, the first semester the classes are Fundament of Respiratory Therapy, Pharmacology and Clinical, Second Semester I took, Fundamental of Respiratory Therapy 2, Cardiopulmonary Disease and clinical. The third semester was Mechanical Ventilations and Clinical. The fourth Semester I took, neonatal and pediatric in the respiratory therapy and clinical and our last semester we will be taking the respiratory exam prep and clinical. After these requirements and classes have been successfully completed, you are eligible to sit for the board exam in order to be either or both a CRT (Certified Respiratory Therapist) and a RRT (registered Respiratory Therapist) and these license, by law are required to be renewed by completing a certain number of CE (Continuing Education) to maintain the license every 2 years according to the “American Association of Respiratory Care”

I personally Chose this program because I have family members that are in this field and also a few friends that have recently graduated in this program and I haven’t not heard anything but good thing about this field and their experience working and I wanted to follow the same footsteps that leads to success.

Medical Terminology and Basic Health profession have been the two more useful classes that were required for us to take in order to continue our major and graduate. It is helpful because it gives you the basic concept and a basic knowledge required for any science field you plan to enter. The terms you learn in the medical terminology class are some of the most basic terms used every day at a hospital setting and between medical professionals and the skills you develop in the basic health profession class are also helpful skills you learn and develop such as CPR, First aid, Vein puncture and many other skills used daily

Respiratory Therapy Program is a fairly new and a developing career in the medical field and has many advantages to work and grow in this field. It is a recommended career for anyone interested in helping others and being in work setting of constant learning and growing for bigger and better opportunities.

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