Career Plan of an Accountant

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Thinking about the career that you want can be difficult and stressful. Luckily for me I’ve always kind of knew which career path was good for me and this project help me confirm that. My chosen career is Accounting. One of the College Foundation of North Carolina (CFNC) surveys describe me as a person that likes to keep things in order, prefers working in a stable environment with predictable routines, and enjoys systematic, step-by step tasks. Another survey pointed me towards careers like finance, business, management and administration, and government and public administration. In addition, another survey indicated that conventional, enterprising, and investigative were careers that were perfect for me. All of these surveys indicated that my ideal career with me, was a career in the business field because of how everything is structured and how it matches my personality.

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“Career Plan of an Accountant”

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Accountants review financial information and make financial reports to determine or maintain records of assets, liabilities, profit and loss, or other financial activities with an organization. Accountants are responsible for classifying and recording numerical data to keep financial record complete. Also, they check the accuracy of figures, calculations, and posting pertaining to business transactions recorded by other workers. Accountants are a necessity for a company since they keep track of all the financial paperwork and they give guidance to the company to make sure they stay on their financial goals. Some of the daily tasks of accountants include: preparing cash deposits or disbursements, preparing documentation for contracts, transactions, or regulatory compliance, and reconciling records of sales or other financial transactions.

Accountants tend to require at least a bachelor’s degree. To work as an accountant by yourself, you must be a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). You obtain this certification by passing the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination. Most companies prefer to hire accountant with this certification. Not to mention, most states have this certification as a requirement to work as an accountant anywhere. Some of the appropriate degrees to become an accountant are degrees in accounting, business administration with a concentration in accountant, or internal auditing. I plan to get my Associates in arts in Coastal Carolina Community College in 2019, the I plan to go to UNCW to get my bachelor’s degree while I’m in Camp Lejeune; however, if I am not able to finish by June of 2020, I will finish my bachelor’s degree in Bloomfield College.

Accountants have a very stable job and there many employments in every state. I plan to practice my degree in New Jersey where the average annual wage is $88,940, the entry salary is $53,050, and the experience salary is $132,710. In addition, there are 2,350 jobs in accounting and there was a 11% projected growth rate. Most accountants that work for big companies are offer healthcare, dental care, and retirement benefits; sometimes, some companies offer vision care benefits.

Accountants have a good level of financial security. The more experience I am and depending where I end up working will depend how much I make but I will have enough money to save for vacations, purchasing a house and save my money because right now I don’t have any debt.

Getting a degree in Accounting with a minor with business administration allows me to be flexible with career. I can be an auditor, financial examiner, budget analyst, financial analyst, tax examiner/ revenue agent, credit analyst, treasurer/ controller.

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