Top 10 Weight Loss Tips and Tricks

So you have a family event coming up, and you want to be fit for it, You like a guy, and he likes slim girls and not to forget what matters the most, Your health! Being Fat and obese can have Nasty Effects on your health which includes major problems like having problems to breathe, Having fatty liver, High Cholesterol, Diabetes, High Blood pressure, etc.

Before giving you the tips, we must also add that losing fat and getting fit takes a lot of time and there isn’t a short-cut to it. You will have to work hard as well as control what you eat which is not easy considering we live in a world influenced by Social media where people show off their food every day through the means of stories and snaps. So as Promised, Here we go we go with top 10 weight loss tips and tricks that you should try-

Having Green tea and replacing it with the drinks you take every day.

Many of you must be knowing this already for those who live under a rock and don’t know about this Since Green tea doesn’t have a single calorie in it, It can boost your metabolism and body’s efficiency of burning the energy. Substituting green tea for the calorie intake kind of Tea or Drink you can be helpful to lose your weight since Green tea works as a basic Detox for your body, Green tea doesn’t just have one single purpose but is also great for your body without a target for weight loss!

Avoid Overeating.

Stress and Multitasking are major causes of overeating. Overeating is a major curse for the people who are already looking forward to losing weight, and there are major reasons and concerns for it. You should try to control your eating habits as much as possible; it doesn’t meet that you should Stop eating at all, What we mean is that you should eat enough but not more than enough which can increase your body to fat ratio.

Avoid Junk Foods.

Smoothies, Shakes, Burger, Burger, Pizza, Peanut butter, Chocolate, I am pretty sure just hearing these terms have made you hungry, but they are a big No if you want to lose some weight. These delicious treats include so much fat and Calories that if you survive on just them for long can not only affect your health through fat and obesity, but it can also affect your skin very badly.

I am not just talking about exercise and the goals which make you lose your weight. Setting life goals is very important since it makes you emotionally stable and as discussed above. Being Emotionally healthy keeps you physically healthy. Start by making your life goals then slowly work to your fitness girls and do your research on how you can achieve them. However, there will be problems in between but be sure that no matter what you should have the willpower to go through them and reach your goals no matter what without giving up.

Eat Systematically.

Timely Planned eating diet can help you lose weight drastically. Fix a System which meets your requirements, You can either have three daily meals in good quantity or 4-5 Small meals but they have to be time restricted, and you have to make sure that you don’t eat outside that schedule.


Well Yes Yes, We know what you are probably thinking right now and this old meme is coming to your mind, but hear us. Exercising is just the most important part in the process of losing weight and no matter what Doesn’t matter how lazy you are. You can’t avoid it because you have to work out to burn those calories, So set a fixed time in your schedule and even Walking/Running/Cycling will make as much difference as possible. Just make sure not to get dehydrated and always carry a water bottle with you.

Each one of us has gone through a time when we need something really sweet, Be it dessert or sudden cravings but do keep in mind that these sweet waffles, Chocolate shakes and cakes, Pastries are a nightmare in disguise of happiness. Gaining weight is one of the easiest things in the world but damn girl, If you keep eating those high Carbs and Calories then you will end up with belly fat for which you will have to work triple then you were supposed to before having that 10 minutes pleasure of having dessert and Candy. Also, Remember you can have a good body as long as you work hard but Candy, No No No, A huge no!

Sugar is the worst ingredient in modern time and it should be taken as lower as possible since its strongly associated with increased risk of obesity as well as Type 2 Diabetes and heart diseases Vegetables and fruits have so many properties that make them pleasant for the diet of someone who wanna lose some weight as they only contain limited calories but a lot of fibre which makes them very filling for your diet.Studies also backup the same.

As you must be following the article till now, every time we have mentioned that you should definitely choose a healthy diet but if you have kept a keen eye you must have already noticed that we didn’t tell you to follow a proper diet which includes cutting down your food intake to the lowest, Since that kind of diets have the lowest success rate, we highly suggest you not to follow them and instead focus on having healthy food and exercise to maintain a balance between both. Pushing yourself will only make you want to crave food more, and you will give up quickly which is not the correct way to start.

So as you have read above,We highly suggest you to eat only healthy food while exercising to make your intake and outtake balanced so that you can start losing weight as soon as possible but do keep in mind that it’s a time taking process and you should relax a little bit,Also give yourself a cheat day every week in which you can eat anything because you don’t want to give up craving for more. We are delighted that you read this article and we hope you visit us again!

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