Blood Type Diet Weight Loss by Blood Type

Diet for obese & chronically ill

The blood group diet is a nutritional theory that assumes that people with different blood types tolerate different types of food differently. Those who eat according to his blood type, can protect themselves from numerous diseases, according to the founder of the blood group diet, Peter D’Adamo. Among other things, the blood group diet should be able to cure overweight, diabetes mellitus and stomach ulcers. Even with cancer and AIDS patients, the state of health should be positively influenced.

Blood type diet

This is how the blood type diet works by Daniela Altmayer

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The American naturopath D’Adamo assumes in his theory that people with different blood types process food differently. This is said to be due to certain complex food proteins known as lectins, which are similar to certain blood group traits (red blood cell membrane proteins).

Blood type diet: Less stress for the body

In the “”blood type diet”” stress factors for the immune system should be avoided. According to D’Adamo’s theory, this additional work for the human immune system arises from the fact that the food constituents which are unsuitable for a blood group type (the lectins mentioned above) lead to a “”clumping”” of the antigens in the blood. Metabolic disorders, a disturbed digestive process, hormone and thyroid problems can be the result, says D’Adamo.

If this burden on the immune and digestive system is consistently avoided, various diseases can be prevented or diseases can be cured. Another plus for the blood type diet is weight loss, which can be achieved through the principles of the principles.

The inventor of the blood group diet attributes his theses to the development of blood groups in evolution. For example, blood group 0 originated at a time when humans, as hunters, mainly ate meat. Therefore, he advises the carriers of this blood group mainly to animal foods.

Blood group diet: recommendations for blood types

Modern man

The modern man should pay attention to a predominantly vegetarian diet © Antonioguillem – Fotolia

Blood Group 0: The Meateater (Hunter)

Animal proteins such as meat and fish are recommended, dairy products should be avoided as far as possible by people of this blood type. Legumes such as beans and lentils should also be avoided, but fruits and vegetables are well tolerated.

Blood group A: The vegetarian (farmer)

For this type, a vegetarian diet is recommended by D’Adamo. Consume a lot of fruits and vegetables, cereals and legumes, withhold meat and dairy products.

Blood Group B: The Nomad (Cattle Breeder)

People of this blood group should avoid chicken meat and shellfish, but access dairy products, fruits and vegetables kr?¤frig. Cereals and legumes are restricted. This type of blood group is especially good for lamb, game, mutton and deep-sea fish. This blood type is said to have developed among the nomad / livestock breeders in Asia.

Blood Type AB: The Modern Man

This blood group is said to have recently evolved from blood types A and B and symbolizes modern man. People with this blood type should eat mostly vegetarian food to lose weight. Occasionally, meat or dairy products are allowed.

Benefits and Criticisms of the Blood Type Diet

The diet according to the blood group promises chronically ill and overweight improvement of health and even healing – and the theory has many followers.

But it also hail criticism: D’Adamo’s theses are dubious, since underpinned by too few studies. The fact that lectins “”dock”” to antigens of the blood is proven in the test tube, but only there. Critics say that most of the lectins are destroyed in cooking, so they do not get into the gut at all. Also controversial is the derivation of the nutritional recommendation of the evolutionary development of the blood groups.

If you want to match your diet to the blood type, be sure to discuss it with your doctor or nutritionist first.

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