The Carnivore Diet

Nowadays a lot of people who are overweight and obese search about fastest way to lose weight and look good regardless of their health. In my assignment I will discuss one of the diets that people follow for lose weight. The carnivore diet is a diet focused mainly on eating animals food during meals throughout the day and suggests this all what you need to be healthy. It’s recommend cutting carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables. Why ? That’s what we will talk about.

In carnivore diet eat when you are hungry until you are full because is not diet depends on calories count as it depends on listening to your body. Furthermore 2-4 Ibs of fatty meats can be enough to meet your need from energy. Hence many people have a habit of snacking and eat snacks even when they are not hungry snacks are not recommended in this diet if you feel hungry after meal you have to eat more during meal. The only item that is allowed to eat in carnivore diet is meats special grass-fed . Animal products might be acceptable in the diet such as yogurt and butter. You should avoid processed meats and anything that is not meats in this diet for better results

As we said earlier carbohydrates , fruits and vegetables are not allowed in this diet for several reasons. When carbohydrates are not included in the diet the insulin levels will decrease in the blood , hormone brings glucose to the cells, one of the functions of this hormone is to store fat in the cells wherefore when you reduce carbohydrates you will lower fat storage. As this diet high in protein and fat , protein increases satiety while fat reduces the time of movement of food from stomach to small intestine , you will feel full longer which helps to eat less.

Carnivore diet is a diet high in protein and fat this type of diet keep you feeling full longer than another diet. More importantly high protein diet helps to build more muscle when combined with physical activity more calories are needed to maintain lean body mass which means more fats will burn to meet body needs.[2]

Moreover diet high in fat makes you feel full because fat combined with hormones such as leptin to tell your body to decrease hunger. It has been shown that diet is effective weight loss strategy but in wrong way as it 0 carbohydrates diet.[3]

For sure I will not describe this diet to my patients for several reasons. One of the reasons this diet prevent eat fruits and vegetables completely while they are a lot of studies encouraged eating five items each day. Also the body will not have some of antioxidants present in some fruits which lower risk of infection and cancer. Another essential point carbohydrates help to keep your blood cholesterol levels under control while carnivore diet which is high in fat may increased blood cholesterol levels and lead to several disease such as cardiovascular disease. May I will describe high protein diet with moderate amount of carbs rather than 0 carbs and allowed fruits and vegetable.

Eggs fast diet one of the dangerous diets that could lead to several disease such as gallstone and cardiovascular disease. This diet mainly based on eating eggs throughout the day minimum 6 eggs and maximum 10 eggs. As we know as eggs have a lot of nutrients that our body needs as it could be harmful for us if we use it in wrong way. One large egg contains about 180mg of cholesterol that is mean when you eat the lowest recommended number of eggs in this diet you will consume about 1080mg of cholesterol while the American Heart Association recommends to consume 300mg of cholesterol to avoid cardiovascular disease. Furthermore in diet based only on eggs the body will not have enough nutrients to complete its function correctly and this may weak the immune systems.

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