The Right Diet for Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a bone disease of the skeleton. Mass and strength of the bones are reduced, their brittleness is increased. In Austria, around 700,000 people suffer from osteoporosis, but only 25% know about their disease. Osteoporosis is one of the ten most common diseases worldwide. Their importance will continue to increase due to the increasing age of the population. However, regular exercise and calcium-rich diets can prevent or control osteoporosis.

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“The Right Diet for Osteoporosis”

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Pharmacist Hans-Peter Hubmann, Chairman of the Bavarian Pharmacists Association eV, how to prevent this widespread disease.

What is osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a chronic skeletal disease in which significantly more bone mass is broken down than built up. The vernacular therefore calls the disease “bone loss”. Because the bones are porous and fragile in osteoporosis sufferers, bone fractures can occur even at low loads. If you suspect osteoporosis or as part of a check-up, the doctor may, for. B. perform a bone density measurement.

Prevention in childhood

Especially children can prevent, because until around the age of 30 outweighs the structure of the bone against the natural bone degradation. Calcium is especially important for bone formation. A diet rich in calcium and vitamins is therefore very important for healthy bones. A good source of calcium are z. As milk and dairy products.

In addition, a lot of exercise in the fresh air is very well suited to prevent osteoporosis. Because through physical activity, the bones are trained in addition to the muscles. In addition, sunlight causes the production of vitamin D, an important vitamin for bone metabolism.

Osteoporosis in old age

Older adults can also keep their bones stable with a calcium and vitamin D rich diet and plenty of outdoor exercise. It does not depend on sweaty sports, but especially on enough exercise in everyday life. If necessary, preparations with calcium and vitamin D can help, but you should take only after prior consultation in the pharmacy or by the doctor.

Calcium rich diet

Through lifelong, healthy diet with adequate calcium intake, combined with a lot of physical activity, a healthy, strong bone can be built up and maintained. In order to be able to use calcium well, the body needs sufficient vitamin D.

Without the mineral calcium and without vitamin D, there is no stable bone. Doctors and pharmacists recommend to provide daily with about 1000 milligrams of calcium. Good calcium sources are low-fat milk and dairy products, green vegetables z. As broccoli or kale, fresh herbs, nuts and certain mineral waters.

Incidentally, patients who are also suffering from lactose intolerance (lactose intolerance) no longer have to do without dairy products. Lactose-free milk and dairy products are now available in every supermarket and they contain the same valuable ingredients as conventional milk, so they can also provide the necessary calcium intake.

No less important for bone metabolism is vitamin D. Without the sun vitamin, the body does not absorb calcium from food into the bones. Even regular exercise helps to keep the bones stable and resilient.

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