Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

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Advancements in technology have influenced the way we live our lives. Robotics and Artificial Intelligence are the future, as much as people are excited about this growth in science., they need to understand the dangers. The dangers of technology rely on the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is the “brain” of modern day machines and computers, AI can provide scientists with the ability to make robots more smarter and humanlike. Isaac Asimov explains the dangers and growth of AI, he predicts that one-day robots, being powered by AI, will be indistinguishable from normal humans.

“No, but he has killed no man himself. He has exposed facts which might represent a particular human being to be dangerous to a larger mass of people.” Francis Quinn, who is running for mayor, quickly challenges the humanity of his competitor, Stephen Byerley. Earlier in Stephen’s life, he was involved in a vehicular accident which caused serious injury to his health. Miraculously, Stephen survived and later on was elected District Attorney. Surprisingly, there were never any scars, bruises or deformities. Suspicious of what had occurred, Francis Quinn calls upon the U.S. Robots and Mechanical Men Corporation. Dr. Susan Calvin, a robotics expert, questions Francis about his sudden allegations. “Our District Attorney never eats!… I’ll modify slightly he has never been seen to eat or drink.” These opening words from Francis Quinn shows how firm he stands on the belief that Stephen Byerley isn’t who he says he is. Francis publicly calls Stephen out about being a robot, by doing this the public and media quickly get ahold of this and it goes viral. In order to defend his humanity, Stephen must undergo a CAT scan, which is administered by Dr. Calvin. Baffled by the results, Dr. Calvin isn’t able to fully diagnose Stephen because of the metal in his head, which he claims is from the accident and that metal is making the CAT scan images blurry. The only other way to prove that Stephen is a robot is to see if he will follow the Three Laws Of Robotics. Which strictly set the rules for a robot and if it does not follow these rules they will shut down.

“You’ve got something to eat in your purse…Stephen calmly bites the apple and calmly swallowed it. This is important because the number 1 rule for being a robot is the inability to consume food or drink liquids. Although consuming this apple doesn’t preciously prove his humanity, but it helps his campaign for mayor. Ultimately, Stephen Byerley is elected mayor, but research on his humanity is still underway. Stephen Byerley would have his body atomized thus destroying all evidence about Stephen. Dr. Calvin writes a book about Stephens life where she personally believes that Stephen was once a human and then became a robot some time throughout his life which explains his human and robotic traits

Amazingly throughout Stephens whole life not many people question that he might be a robot, but the danger of AI is constantly growing. AI is the brain of Stephen which controls him and makes him act like a human and not like a robot. The warnings provided by Isaac Asimov should worry people, so we must be cautious with our growth and development of science and Artificial Intelligence.

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