Antidepressants and Suicide

Some research has shown that there are two main coping mechanisms for depression: professional help (therapy) and prescriptions drugs. I believe that consulting a psychologist is the best mechanism for depression because a psychiatrist will push meds, instead, of really trying to evaluate the problem. For example, PTSD patients are influenced to take antidepressants along with other drugs rather than talking about what they had seen during the war to elevate symptoms. Talking to an individual who knows nothing about you, but will choose to hear your story from a unique stand, and determine their opinion with the least bias.

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“Antidepressants and Suicide”

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This route can impact an individual original path in a multitude of ways. On many occasions, I feel as if I have no one to talk to, only because I want to be heard without judgment, and because I can’t receive that from family, I seek it elsewhere. Once I consulted with someone they helped me in ways that I never thought I could be helped. I know someone that lost their nephew’s mother due to suicide. Even though her family was well aware of her depression, the thought of her committing suicide never crossed their minds. She took antidepressants to enhance her mood, which in the end weren’t working for her at all instead, they’ve been numbing her pain. She cried out for help on many occasions but no one caught how bad she had fallen until it was too late.

If this woman had just one person to talk to about all the difficulties within her life, the results could’ve been different. Hiding emotions behind drugs, even if they are prescribed, isn’t the best option, numbing the pain isn’t getting the problem out in the open which can do much more harm than good to any individual, and I’m a living proof of this matter. Spielmans, Berman, & Usitalo conducted many case studies that analyzed psychotherapy and antidepressants to see which was more effective. Even though the researchers favored psychotherapy, they came to the conclusion that bona fide psychotherapy was in fact as effective as second-generation antidepressants during the short-term treatment for depression.

Psychotherapy was also more effective than second-generation antidepressants during long-term symptoms of depression (Spielmans, Berman, Usitalo). There were fifteen case studies conducted, which consisted of 1,975 participants. In regard to response, remission rates, depression outcomes, and study completion rates, there weren’t many significant differences found between both psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy (Spielmans et al.). According to Spielmans, Berman, and Usitalo (2011) bona fide psychotherapies portrayed similar success in short-term (d=-0.05, p=0.57, I2=68.32%) and rather better effectiveness on depression rating scales at follow-up (d=0.29, p=0.01, I2=30.29%).

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