Teen Depression and Suicide

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According to the Center For Discovery teen suicide is the third main cause of death in youth. A study done by Dr. Plemmons from Vanderbilt University showed that hospitalizations for suicide attempts and thoughts have doubled in 7 years. People think suicide rates are rising because of social media others think it could be school pressure but, Dr. Plemmons mentioned no one is quite sure why suicide percentages are rising. Peers, teachers, and parents need to know what to look for in teens because so many teens die each year due to suicide.

According to The National of Mental Health some of the huge causes of suicide are depression, substance abuse, aggressive, or disruptive behaviors. One thing we need to notice in teens are signs of depression. According to Stanford Children's Health some signs are lost of interest in stuff they loved to do, eating or sleeping habits change, making comments like I want to kill myself, and staying away from their friends and family. If your friend is acting different talk to them. Get them to talk to someone. Teachers and professors should ask their students questions if their grades are changing or they are acting differently. Something parents could do to make sure there is less teen suicide is taking their teens to a program or a doctor if they are acting different. Some of the most effective programs identify alcohol or drug abuse and threatening behavior.

If we are going to change these alarming statistic we have to pay more attention to teens. If we look for these behavioral changes then it would prevent them from attempting suicide. Never look the other way when teens say I want to kill myself. Take it sincerely! If you know someone who is depressed or suicidal and you're worried call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline!
At 1-800-273-8255. Let's try our best to make teen suicide statistics decrease.

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