Suicide is not an Option

Dwayne Johnson, or better known as “The Rock”, is a actor/wrestler. In 2018, he opened up about his depression when he was younger. Continue reading to learn more.

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“Suicide is not an Option”

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Dwayne Johnson was born on May 2, 1972, in Hayward, California. He has three daughters. One of them is from a previous marriage to Dany Garcia. He also has two daughters with Lauren Hashian. The name The Rock was his ring name from when he was a wrestler, however when he first started his ring name has Rocky Maivia, A combination of his father and grandfathers names, (Rocky Johnson and Peter Maivia) However he later shortened it to The Rock.

When Dwayne was 15, he and his parents were evicted from their apartment. Shortafter, his father and mother (Ata Johnson) left the apartment in one car. Dwayne took the other and followed them. He said they were in a large fight, and eventually, they pulled over the car and Ata walked out and into the street. Dwayne managed to pull her back before any cars or trucks hit her. Interestingly, Ata has no recollection of the suicide attempt. His parents later divorced in 2003. On top of this, due to several injuries, the Canadian Football League released him, and his girlfriend broke up with him.

Due to depression, and a series of injuries. Dwayne dropped out of college in his first semester of his freshman year with a 0.7 GPA. In an interview he talked about how the depression made him not want to get up or do anything. “Struggle and pain is real. I was devastated and depressed. I reached a point where I didn’t want to do a thing or go anywhere. I was crying constantly.” He also tweeted about his depression “We all go through the sludge/s**t, and depression never discriminates. Took me a long time to realize but the key is not to be afraid to open up. Fortunately both him and his mother got over their depression.

Despite dropping out of college so early, Dwayne picked himself up and became “The Rock”. He later became a actor, starring in popular movies like Rampage, Baywatch, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Skyscraper, and more. He also was in the Canadian Football League for a short time.

Dwayne managed to get around his depression after his mother’s suicide attempt and continued to be a very famous actor. He now resides in Florida. 

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