Depression, Mental Health and Suicide

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Bullying is a major problem for young people as well as adult that go through it. It lowers their self- esteem and makes them lose their confidence. Bullying is commonly found in schools, work places, and the internet. In addition, some people can become suicidal. Bullying is criminal. Therefore, it is important to find solutions to protect the victims. First, what is bullying? The results of bullying can be physical or emotional. It is the use of force and threat, usually by people using the higher social status they have over the victims to hurt. Any sort of intimidation is a form of bully, such a gossiping, verbal abuse and more. Unfortunately, many us have experienced it, and many young children are forced to deal with it daily.

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“Depression, Mental Health and Suicide”

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Secondly, The risk factors of bullying involves anxiety, anger, sadness or depression. No one like to feel humiliated. Honestly, humiliation is the worst feeling ever. You feel humiliated when someone makes you feel inferior or look bad in the public eyes. This kind of feeling requires professional help in the form of psychotherapy. Also, victims of bully tend to harm their self. Depression is one of the reasons why people who get bullied commit suicide. It happens mostly when people don’t reach for help. For instance, CBS new has once published an article about this young woman in July 2008. “ Jessica Logan, 18, committed suicide in her closet after months of alleged abuse from her Ohio classmates.

Logan’s ex-boyfriend forwarded nude pictures to hundreds of other high school girls, many of whom allegedly harassed Logan at school, calling her a “slut” and “whore”. Logan’s mother claims her daughter’s suicide occurred when the harassment became unbearable. Furthermore, If bullying can not be stopped it needs to be overcome. The best advice is to never go through it in silence when you are going through a difficult situation. In my opinion, you should speak up! talk about it! Or Report it! When you can not support It anymore, you may want to die. And, this is what happened to Jessica Logan. May she rest in peace. Feelings come and go; they are like the weather that change constantly. I know this is difficult to stay strong , but you must stay confident and believe in yourself beyond the those hurtful feelings. You have the strength and ability to become stronger than the insults and threats. You can overcome the negativity which is meant to harm, belittle and destroy you. Be able to stand up for yourself.

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