Animal Testing in the Makeup Industry

Your makeup is pretty did you know it was tested on an animal. Animal cruelty is known to be one of the most controversial topics around the world. With there being thousands of opinions on this issue, with the cosmetic industry being number one using animal cruelty more than anyone. Many people today dont understand that animal cruelty is more serious than you think. There is a dozen industries today that are still using animals behind closed doors for their products and selling it to us. We need support companies that are cruelty free.

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“Animal Testing in the Makeup Industry”

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That is to say, the most popular cosmetic brands today actually PAY China to preform animal testing. Itr’s estimated that the National Institutes of Health spends some $14.5 billion per year of taxpayer dollars on animal experimentation (change). I have been paying taxes since I was fourteen and knowing that the government is spending tons of tax money on animal testing is appalling. Just 8% of drugs tested on animals are deemed safe. I understand the need to make their product safe but at what cost. Companies can change their methods by creating cruelty free by choosing natural ingredients.

On the other hand, animal cruelty does not only apply towards the makeup industry, but also non-makeup industries who are preforming animal cruelty. Poisoning or killing innocent animals is not cool. How can we help? Buy animal cruelty free products support friendly kind cosmetic products. Educate others on the horrors and darkness of animal experimentation. We can also help the cosmetic industry change their methods of testing by petitioning and asking them to use safer products. Help stop animal cruelty worldwide. Become involved on the internet in organizations, clubs. To Bringing awareness to those who have no acknowledgement of it.
On the contrary, what about leaving our bodies for science. This would help our scientist, doctors and medical students with their research and training from hurting animals. Therefore, no animal testing is needed!

As we all know, becoming vegan, vegetarian, and stopping the use of brands who test on animals is becoming more popular daily. The more it is talked about and the more animal cruelty is being acknowledged. People will understand what they are supporting and buying. Banning animal cruelty in the cosmetic industry and overall will not only stop the animals from suffering but will also benefit the environment. In Fact, there are two methods of testing cosmetic products instead of using animals. Artificial human tissue grown in the lab has proved better than tests on rabbits in predicting skin irritation in people. A modern test tube method can distinguish toxic from non-toxic cosmetic ingredients without cruel animal-poisoning experiments (Humane). So, what is the use of testing on innocent animals. (Rhetorical question)

Given these points, those who disagree on this topic could say animal testing is important because that would make the product more safe. Testing on animals before using these products is not what makes the product safe. What goes in the product, how it is made and the places that they are being manufactured at are what matter.

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