Annotated Bibliography: Animal Testing

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Annotated Bibliography: Animal Testing

Animal testing is one of the most frowned upon scientific experiments around, but the whole world needs this testing to save the human race. There are causes and effects just like any other scientific experiments. The testing of animals helps the human race better understand the way animals react to the cures, and to help find cures for the diseases. There is a lot of discussions if these testings are the right thing to do. More so, if we didn't have it, it could be catastrophic.

In detail, the human race needs to have the right information on how and why these studies are performed. So, it's more understandable on why these testings are necessary. The media has caused humanity to have negative mindsets. On these experiments conducted to the animals by showing gruesome examples of the animals in the labs. There continues to be strict laws and regulations on the trials that these animals are undertaking. Therefore, the human race will find a more positive outlook on these science experiments.

There have been many major cures found by testing on these animals. In this research there is proof this is positive for the world. There are high percentages of animal testing that are successful and for humanity, this is a huge milestone, and just another step closer to finding the right data that is needed to solve the puzzle of top diseases such as cancer and HIV. Animals testing not only helps society better understand diseases but also how we can withstand radiation. The products that we use such as cleaning supplies, and even the products we use in our showers to see how this can affect us.

In conclusion, there are cons on these experiments on how the animals can be mistreated some of the studies are not necessary. Animal testing can be very expensive. There can be quite a few setbacks, like testing on animals for cosmetics. This is not exactly necessary for humanity needs to survive. Scientists need to find a way to find what is necessary and what is not. There needs to be a line drawn.

Aziz, Tipu, and John Stein Animal testing: TV or not TV? Two views on whether scientists who believe that animal experimentation is necessary should become public advocates, or work quietly behind the scenes Nature.

In this article, it thoroughly discusses the cause and effect on how people view animal testing and how they try to overcome it. More so, on how the media greatly impacts scientist and how the scientist should try their very best to avoid any media attention. The article discusses how hostile it can be to be in the eye of the media as a scientist. Scientist sometimes are not the best at communicating their reasoning for these testing's and it comes out negative in the viewer's eye, but they also found ways for positive attention on the reasoning behind these experiments that is medically needed for humanity.

For these two scientist Tipu Aziz and John Stein in this article, they have many setbacks until they find one leading example that saved their animal research project. In light of being able to finally open the facility that is needed for their medical research. This peer-reviewed article also gives reasoning on what is wrong and what is right, and how dishonorable scientist can cause such a bad name. Furthermore, for the scientist that are actually trying to make a positive breakthrough, it becomes harder for them.

Research has been done different alternatives have been searched. The best answer to finding the right vaccines and cures is through animal testing. There is a different alternative such as Tissue culture, but this only shows how the tissues react not how the body reacts. In this article, it proves why the world needs animal testing, and examples experimentation on some of the cures and vaccines. That has been found through animal testing this testing give humans a higher percentage to live longer as said in this article. There are many laws and regulations in place to protect these animals and the USDA actively makes sure these laws are being followed.

In this research, they have found Mini Pigs can make a breakthrough in Drug and chemical safety. A domestic pig's anatomy is very similar as to a human. Such as our skin and digestive tract. In this research, they are wanting to reconsider the choice of animals as the mini pig the first choice. Scientist already has much knowledge about domestic pigs which make the mini perfect for experiments. Mini pigs also mature very quickly. Using the mini pig will better help understand animal models. In these new experiments with mini pig's, this will not only be positive for researchers on finding more drugs and chemical for humans this will also be helpful for animal producers.

In summary, it provides proof of leading examples of what can happen when we don't use animal analysis. There can be many deaths and deformities when drugs are not first tested on animals. This article explains why it is very necessary to have these testing in place. Not only testing on animals this can also help us better understand diseases and drugs, but it also helps understand the way the human body works. Also, how centuries ago we first tested surgical procedures on animals before testing on humans. This article gives facts on how long these animal experimentations have been around and why we need them.

In Space research, they need to study on animals to know how they react to radiation and gravity also how their bones and muscles react. In this research, the NASA program had to first study on animals before humans could go into space. With these experiments, we can better understand how the body reacts in space and if its safe to travel as humans. NASA still uses these experiments today so they can know how far they can travel safely. Without this research, it could be very dangerous for humans to know if it is possible to go into space, and what safety precaution that needs to be used. Animal testing helps the world know a lot of what we can and cannot do and helps the world figure out the answers.

Lorna Collier a journalist questions David Jentech a scientist who mainly focuses on the cells and circuits in the brain. In this questioning, it explains what scientist that test on animals go through every single day. A lot of animal protestors threaten scientist to where the scientist must hire a bodyguard because the protestors can be so brutal. In this article it explains why we test on rodents, rodents have similar brain as to humans. This experimentation on these rodents help us better understand the brain and how to cure brain issues. Through this research they have saved many of humans lives that is why David hasn't gave up on this research he explains. Scientist want the protestors to better understand what they are doing to save the human race. Instead the protestors can hurt the scientist in many ways. There needs to be more laws in every state on how far these protestors can go.

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