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Animal experimentation is a worldwide controversial concern that leaves many people puzzled as to what this type of testing actually consist of. This topic is majorly looked at from the big picture, but what about behind the scenes? Most people look at experimentation from the scientific point of view, and not the underlying aspects of what actually undergoes animal testing. Approximately one hundred million animals are burned, crippled, poisoned, and abused in United States (US) labs every year. This leaves numbers of animals held captive like prisoners, and being mistreated day by day not knowing what might happen to them next.

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Animal experimentation being one of the most unethical and unreliable types of testing that has been proven wrong various times, and should be prohibited from continuing. Animals do not get the diseases that humans are prone to getting. Some of these illnesses may include various forms of cancer, HIV, many sorts of heart diseases, and even mental disorders such as schizophrenia. Since, scientific testing is concerned about finding treatments to some of these incurable diseases, scientists “artificially induced animals in laboratories in an attempt to mimic the human disease” ( Should Animals be used for scientific testing or commercial testing?).

Animal testing is extremely unethical and the most inappropriate type of experimentation there is. By diminishing this experimentation will not only benefit the animals but will also be beneficial to the humans that are undergoing types of procedures and cures that were tried on innocent creatures. Since animals differentiate from humans they are unacceptable test subjects which will result in unsatisfactory results in both animal and the person. In “Should Animals be used for Scientific and Commercial Testing”, it reads:

The anatomic, metabolic, and cellular differences between animals and people make animals poor models for human beings. [52] Paul Furlong, Professor of Clinical Neuroimaging at Aston University (UK), states that “it’s very hard to create an animal model that even equates closely to what we’re trying to achieve in the human”.

This justifies the fact that scientifically animals do not have the same types of genes. Although, they are seen to be one of the closest, they are most definitely not close enough to be experimented on in order to find humans answers to incurable diseases that they are all waiting for.

Animal experimentation has many factors that makes it one of the most immoral and corrupt types of testing. What many do not know about this is that ninety-five percent of animals that are used are in fact not protected by the Animal Welfare Act. Hundreds of thousands of animals are covered, but not all of them. This leaves around twenty-five million other animals not covered under these acts. Because of this, so many animals are left legally to be mistreated and abused without any laws prohibiting this. (Should Animals be used for Scientific and Commercial Testing?)

There are hundreds of ways that are being proven as to why experimentation is wrong and deceitful. Another underlying effect that is not seen is the amount of expenses that are going into these US laboratories towards experimentation. There are many alternate options to substitute testing not only to save the animals and the people from any more harm but will also save government dollars. In “ Should Animals be used for Scientific and Commercial Testing”, it states “Biotechnology company Empiriko invented synthetic livers which can predict the liver’s metabolic reactions to drugs in a process that is quicker, cheaper, and more accurate than animal testing”. So why does experimentation still exist if there are proven and ethical ways to participate in testing for incurable diseases without negativity harming anyone or anything at a cheaper dollar cost.

There are many alternative options in substitution for experimentation, scientist are offered but usually decline for unknown reasons. Scientist are able to make synthetic parts in order to mimic human body parts. This in fact is much more closely related to the real human body than any animal that has ever been used. The best results for testing is needed to have the same or almost exactly the same body parts to have the best outcomes. Animal testing is extremely dangerous because procedures that has positive effects on the animals may have very negative effects of the human because their DNA and genes vary from one other. In “Arguments Against Animal Testing”, it states “Vioxx, a drug used to treat arthritis, was found to be safe when tested in monkeys (and five other animal species) but has been estimated to have caused around 320,000 heart attacks and strokes and 140,000 deaths worldwide”. Animal experimentation has been proven to not be accurate when it comes to allowing humans to consume these drugs. This is because the drug got passed when it worked correctly on the animals. Not to mention, allergic reactions are not considered. Humans are prone to get allergies with all different medications and drugs, while not all animals are not as likely.

There are many heart wrenching facts about animal experimentation that are unknown because they are trying to be hidden. The one thing animals have in common with humans is that they have the chemical in their brain that allows them to feel pain whether it is mental or physical. One unknown fact about experimentation is that “tests of potential carcinogens, subjects are given a substance every day for 2 years. Others tests involve killing pregnant animals and testing their fetuses.[8]” (11 Facts about Animal Testing). This leaves the animal in a state of mental heartbreak not knowing that happened to their young. This is unfair to the animal and the offspring. Not to mention, animals are never given any pain reliever before or after the experiment no matter what it had consisted of.

When a person thinks of the animals that are used in animal experimentation, their mind goes straight to rodents, and marsupials such as guinea pigs. These are only a small portion of the types of animals that are being used. One of the most horrific and jaw dropping truths of experimentation is that dogs and cats are used. The brand new puppy that was supposed to go to that family who had been waiting on a list to get a dog to complete their family had been sent to the laboratory. This puppy will unfortunately be used as an object to be tested on pointless eyeshadows and expired medication to see what the end result would be. This poor innocent puppy will now most likely left to die with inappropriate care after the trials.

Another aspect that is not taken into consideration is that certain foods that are harmful todogs such as chocolate, grapes, raisins, avocados, and macadamia nuts can be safe for humans without consequences. How is someone allowed to do experimentation for humans if it might only affect the animal instead of the person just as the few food items mentioned before? Testing things only based on animal standards is incorrectly providing cures for the people that need them. For example in “Arguments against animal Testing”, it states “Aspirin is toxic to many animals, including cats, mice and rats and would not be on our pharmacy shelves if it had been tested according to current animal testing standards.” This justifies the fact that if all testing was based on just animals the right drugs would not be on the shelves available to whomever needed. Scientist also seem to be under the impression that the medications would both have the same effect on both humans and animals whether it had been positive or negative which is false.

There are many examples to prove that animal experimentation has more negatively affected the world than positively. For instance, in “Testing on Animals is Unreliable and Unethical” by Kathryn Minniti, the article reads another failed experiment that negatively affected not only the animals but the people as well. This article introduces the experimentation of a thalidomide in order to ease the morning sickness of woman in the early stages of pregnancy in the 1960’s. This chemical had been tested on animals prior being given to early mothers. These young mothers had been under the impression that this medication, since being tested on animals before was a safe drug for them and their unborn child. Unfortunately, this was not the case and caused more than ten thousand birth defects and thousands of fetal deaths. Many babies also had also developed a disease which does not allow their limbs to grow correctly. This article particularly proves the fact that animals suffer for the justice of science, but when results are unsuccessful for both parties. Why continue?

The category of animal experimentation can also be considered a very sneaky type of organization. Considering they hide most of the true, and key factors that would shut down their companies. The truth is critical when it comes to gaining information about a topic, especially a controversial topic. Animal testing has many gruesome and unknown facts that are unknown for a reason. If everyone was aware of the sickening truth of what animal experimentation consisted of they would not receive any of the donations that they receive on a daily basis. According to “10 Horrifying Facts About Animal Testing That Will Completely Ruin Your Day” Initially, most charitable organizations that ask for donations, give portions of the donations to animal experimentation groups in order to find cures for cancer and other sorts of incurable diseases.

Not realizing, the process of trying to find cures to these diseases leave animals abused, left with serious brain damage, or even death. Animal testing can be held responsible for human deaths as well as animal deaths.

Laboratories leave these animals in awful conditions not showing any remorse for how they are kept after the experiment. Scientist should loathe themselves for allowing their hands and brain to participate in the testing and being okay with what they are doing. In “Animal

Testing: Inhumane AND Inaccurate”, it states:

….Revealed many abuses in laboratories: sick and dying animals left with no care (including those that had been blinded, mutilated or suffered open wounds); rats and mice infested with worms and mites; horses with maggot-infested hooves; and the decayed bodies of newborn animals left lying on the ground. It also revealed experiments where sheep had holes drilled into their skulls and were injected with rabies, rats who were blinded after having glass tubes pushed behind their eyes to extract blood.(Chaitanya)

One must imagine that vision in their brain, the animals left in this room terrified and left with their limbs falling off, if their limbs are even still there. The deceased newborn animals left on the floor and the maggots and worms storming throughout the decaying and rotting bodies of these innocent creatures. If one is not repulsed by the utter truth behind animal testing, there is no justice left in the world for animals which is truly heartbreaking.

Animal experimentation shows a quantity amount of reasons as to why it is ineffective and immoral. Some may oppose this theory, even if there are facts that justify that animal testing has hurt the world, more than it has helped it. According to “Should Animals Be used for

Scientific and Commercial Testing” the reading declares:

Animal research has also contributed to major advances in understanding and treating conditions such as breast cancer, brain injury, childhood leukemia, cystic fibrosis, malaria, multiple sclerosis, tuberculosis, and many others, and was instrumental in the development of pacemakers, cardiac valve substitutes, and anesthetics.

There is a beneficial aspect to experimentation, and in order to advance in science people claim that animal trials are a necessity. The ones who defend experimentation claim how if the correct drugs are tested on the right type of animal with the correct type of DNA, the trial will be successful. Majority of the time, this is extremely unlikely and the drug will be harmful to the animal which would unfortunately result in the animal’s brain damage or even death.

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