An Analysis of the Pro-Life and Pro-Choice in the American Public Opinion

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Abortion ends a pregnancy by removing an underdeveloped fetus from a mother's uterus. There has been a lot of debate between governments and religious leaders on whether to legalize abortion. Many governments have introduced laws that prevent abortion by introducing punishments for both the person who performs the act and the person who helps in doing the show. Some countries, Kenya, for example, have legalized abortion only when it is necessary to save a woman's life (Guttmacher Institute). The Kenyan law allows abortion only at the hospital in the presence and with the certification of three medical practitioners.

There is a consensus that abortion should be allowed under certain circumstances (Solinger). While some governments have fully legalized abortions, many have put laws that legalize abortion but with some restrictions. According to Fida, Kenya, forty-four countries worldwide have allowed abortion without any limits. Other countries place some restrictions on abortion, including permission for abortion only when it is necessary to save a woman's life. Additional restrictions imposed by different countries include protecting a woman's life, physical and mental health, and abortion based on social and economic grounds.

People are divided between pro-life and pro-choice (Stanton). Stanton, in his report on American Public Opinion and Law on Abortion, found that both pro-life and pro-choice agree that abortion is not a good moral behavior. Pro-choice believes that abortion should be done within the first three months, with legal restrictions (Public Agenda). They added that it is after the three months when movement is felt in the womb and when the child can survive on its own. Stanton concluded in his report that about 60% of Americans support abortion being done legally but have a different point of view on the restrictions which should be in place to control the action. The pro-life, on the other hand, do not support abortion. They argue that both the life of the mother and that of the fetus are significant and should be taken care of.

The pro-life groups are against the legalization of abortion. They believe that the government must preserve the life of both the mother and the unborn. An embryo in a woman's uterus is human and his life. They argue that killing an unborn child is against religious belief since life begins at conception. Pro-life activists do this even when they know most abortions occur due to pressures from parents, boyfriends, or husbands. Some abortions occur due to the lack of finances to raise the child.

Pro-life activists argue that the death of a child is a big blow to a mother. When a child dies, the mother can mourn and bury her baby. This helps the mother psychologically to adjust to the situation. Mothers who abort their babies are not allowed to repent or bury them. They will not have anything to remember about their aborted children. They always suffer psychologically. They become depressed and full of guilt; some could even anticipate committing suicide.

Abortion has made relationships cheap and faded morals in society. Pro-life activists teach women and young girls the dangers they face when performing abortions. They also tell them that it is an immoral act against both religious and secular beliefs.

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