An Analysis of Pro-Choice: the only Fair Position

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Abortion is a very controversial topic in society today. There are two main groups in this controversy: advocates for pro-choice and pro-life supporters. Each side has many arguments for its case. Pro-life supporters maintain that abortion is murder because it takes the would-be life of a child. On the other hand, abortion is needed in some circumstances to make life better for everyone involved. Also, every person should be allowed to have complete control over their own body, Including women who want abortions. Last, if society outlaws abortion, it isn't going away. As a result, pro-choice is the only fair and logical stance on abortion.

First and foremost, a woman has complete control over her body. While abortion should not be used as a form of birth control, a female deserves to make a choice about being pregnant. There are many factors that play into being ready for a child. If a female is not ready emotionally, physically, or even financially, she should be able to decide that this is not the environment she wishes to have a child in. This is not only going to be better for the mother, but it also keeps the unborn child from possibly living a less fortunate life.

Unfortunately, life can come from many issues. One main problem that we have in today's society is teenage pregnancy. A large majority of these teenage births have resulted in the killing of the child. It is known that there is a high percentage of newborns born to teenage females who end up in dumpsters or drown in toilets. Abortion has often saved the lives of unborn children by removing the stress of giving birth when a teen mother has no one to turn to. Without abortion the already large number of these sad stories will rise. This is because these females were not emotionally ready to have a child. Lacking the readiness for motherhood causes issues such as these that abortion helps to rid of.

It isn't only about females who choose to have sex and aren't ready for the repercussions of their actions. There are many situations in which giving birth is not good for the mother or the child. Sometimes, though, the female who gets pregnant is the cause of these issues. The child, though, should not be punished for their mother's actions if they can help it. Say a mother is a crack addict, and she can't get clean or stay clean enough for the pregnancy. Her child will be born with this addiction and most likely be taken from its mother. If this mother was able to have an abortion, the child wouldn't be forced into an unhealthy life at birth. The same goes for women who get pregnant with incurable diseases such as AIDS that they will pass on to their children. With the option of abortion, this mother can save her unborn child from suffering the way she has to. The biggest matter that can't be helped by the mother or the child is rape.

A young woman endures the horrible crime of being raped. She becomes pregnant from that rape. While she may have even been ready to be pregnant, she obviously did not wish for it to happen this way. This woman has the child, and every time she holds it, there is a constant reminder of the agony she went through. This situation is undeserved for the mother and the child. Not only will the child have to grow up with obvious tension and resentment from their mother, but in the long run, they will find out why those feelings are there. No female in this situation would want to have these feelings for their child, but it would take a very strong person to overcome having a child from an action such as rape. Therefore, if she had an abortion, there would still be pain from the rape, but the feelings wouldn't be pointed at her child, who had nothing to do with the situation, and she would be able to eventually move on from the situation. If abortion were made illegal, predicaments like this one could cause a lot of turmoil in a family.

The last main reason that pro-choice is the most reasonable position on abortion is that making abortion illegal will not abolish abortion. If a female decides she desperately cannot have a child, she will find a way not to. Before abortion was legal and made safe, it was still performed. These abortions were not safe. Many times, hazardous equipment and/or methods were used. The mother would often times endanger her own life, feeling that this was the only way. Especially since abortions have been made legal, safe, and available, illegal abortions will take place if abortion is outlawed. The issue of abortion would worsen. Also, if there was no choice of abortion, there would be many more newborn children that wouldn't survive due to their mothers' panic. The findings of these newborns in dumpsters would grow. So, taking abortion won't solve the problem of murdering children, as pro-life advocates argue it is.

Some solutions could be and have been thought of rather than abolishing legal abortions. One that is working in many states in the United States is the "safe haven" program, where mothers can bring in newborns to the local hospital, and the hospital will place the child in an adoption program. That way, the female has someplace to turn to, which can all be done anonymously. This gives females another choice than an abortion if they don't want to have the child. This is also much easier than going through the adoption process and will keep females from throwing their newborns away in a panic. Instead, they can give the child somewhere safe but also a place that is easy.

Another problem that should be fixed is the number of women who use abortion as a form of birth control. There should be more strict guidelines for which females can and cannot get an abortion. Even with more regulations, females who need abortions for good reasons can get the procedure. The females who are abusing this should be seen as having a few too many needs for an abortion and not be permitted to have another. So, having more rules will cut down on the number of repeat abortion seekers.

All in all, while pro-life promoters will argue that abortion is taking away a child's chance at life, in reality, abortion is helping to save that child from what could be, and in most cases, becomes, an unfair life for the child. Women who get abortions have good reasons the majority of the time. Abortion is not an easy route for a woman to choose. There are many emotional repercussions from the procedure. Therefore, it is proven that abortion is used to save the child from a life that wouldn't be as fortunate as it could be. Otherwise, the women who have abortions would keep the child and start a family. Taking away abortion will only create illegal abortions and more murdered newborns by distraught, unready mothers. In the end, pro-choice is the rational and logical standpoint on the issue of abortion.

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