The Breach Movie Review: American History Depiction

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The movie Breach was filmed between 2005 to 2006. It set the mood to be very suspenseful, in a wonder of what’s going to happen next. The movie is set around the Bureau and all their agents. Eric O’Neil, a low-level observation master with the FBI, accepts he is achieving his fantasy about turning into a full-fledged operator, with his sudden advancement and task to work with eminent specialist Robert Hanssen. Sooner or later he realizes what he got the job for, so they could take Hanssen down. Even though he’s gaining a relationship with Hanssen, he must put his pride to the side and get the job done. The whole objective of the cooperation is to find the mole. This movie is also based on a true story.

Robert Hanssen, who is a former FBI agent, is the best computer guy they have, whom also they think spent the last 20 years out thinking and spying for the Russians. He’s at the age of 57 years old and has only 2 months to retire. The whole case that the Bureau is building is about Hanssen. The Bureau determined that he started spying for the Russians in 1985. When we characterize agent Hanssen, he’s a tough cookie. We can also view him as a good guy in the beginning. He doesn’t drink, he’s married, and he’s goes to church every day. He once said, “the FBI is a gun culture, you can’t advance here unless your part of it. And, being an awesome grandfather to his grand kids, we never accepted Hanssen to do what he did.

Next, I like to introduce one of the main characters agent O’Neil, whose job was to monitor agent Hanssen and never let him out his site. We can characterize him as being a very nice but confused person. The reason for this is because, he’s not an actual agent yet, so when they give him the case he’s shocked. As he starts hanging out and watching agent Hanssen’s every move, he realizes that Hanssen has warmed up to him, so which he grows to respect him. So, later he turns to agent Kate and asks why he’s given the case. He doesn’t drink, he’s a family man and goes to church every day, it doesn’t make sense. Kate at long last just comes clean with him about the examination, that he is a mole and offered loads of insider facts to the Soviet Union and has unprotected the personality of a significant number of the specialists. Although agent O’Neil is also a family man, he must put his pride to the side and continue getting information to the Bureau about Hanssen to protect his job.

In addition, to the behavior of agent O’Neil, he is also married to his beautiful wife Juliana. She is also East German. They’re both catholic, however O’Neil doesn’t pray to the rosary every day like he should. He is the only male in his family in the last four generations, who hasn’t served in the U.S. military. Taking this job, takes a toll on him in his marriage. Since, he was told by senior agent Kate, that no one, not even his wife can know his identity. His fake name is Clerk, and he is forced to hide everything from his wife, so that she doesn’t blow his cover. Further, his investigation and his relationship with Hanssen and his lovely wife Bonnie affects O’Neil’s wife. Juliana, feels like Eric, starts acting different every time they get around Hanssen and his family, she feels as if she must act a certain way. With all honesty, by her facial expressions, we can infer she’s fed up. Also, is agent O’Neil, but nothing can get better with them until Hanssen is taken down for good.

In conclusion, they believe Hanssen is the worst spy in American history. Overall, the whole movie was a mystery, and a suspense to what’s going to happen next. The genuine story of the succession of occasions that would before long lead to the capturing of operator Hanssen. Hanssen was a senior operator at the FBI. An operator in preparing, Eric O’Neil, is contracted as Hanssen’s colleague, to monitor him. O’Neil is at first not recounted the genuine idea of the examination. When he discovers, nonetheless, the layers of trickery increment, he could be in for a rude awakening.

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