A Place you Like most

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There is truly no place like home. Home to me is more than just a house itself. Home is the objects that lie there. Home is the loving people who occupy the walls. Home is the memories made within the walls. Home is being welcomed by my energetic dogs every time I walk in the door. Every house has a foundation, but my home is my foundation and will always hold a special place in my heart. As I pull into my short driveway I see my tall, green home stand in front of me. As usual, I walk in through the two-car garage into the laundry room. A familiar aroma fills my senses – fresh linen, a gentle smell my mother loves. I slide the wood door open and enter the informal living room. A vanilla smell fills my nose and I am immediately welcomed by wagging tails and wet kisses, my dogs. On my left, the TV sits on a large, golden chest and is on HGTV, a channel my family enjoys watching when we’re home. As I keep walking, my feet hit a cold, hard surface, the floor around the fireplace. A dark marble covers the floor around the fireplace, continuing onto the wall around it. To the right of the fireplace is the couch. A large, brown sectional sits against an open window, where my family has spent much time, talking and laughing. Off to my right is a brown, leather chair. This is the chair I typically see my father in when he is home; there is often a mess of crumbs left on the empty chair from his evening snacks. To the right there are two wooden doors. One door leads to the basement, where the workout room is, a room often occupied by my mom and I in the mornings. The other door leads to a small bathroom, one guests typically use. Off to the left is the kitchen, one of my favorite rooms. The dark wood cabinets, and the marble island balance each other out perfectly. The hardwood floors give my feet a chill when stepping off the carpet onto it. I have had some of the best times in this room, cooking with my mom or grandma always ends in beaming smiles. On the far end of the kitchen lays the breakfast nook, a place my family typically eats flavorful meals, while our dogs sit at our feet, waiting for a morsel of food to drop. This room consists of a tall, dark brown, wooden table with only enough chairs to fit four people. The décor on the wall is Paris themed, making you feel like you’re in a French café. On the other side of the kitchen is the formal dining room. The long, black table has sat numerous people. We spend holidays and special occasions in this room. The sparkling chandelier over the table hangs low, you can always count on someone bumping their head. This room has been filled with hearty laughter many times. To the right of the dining room is the formal living room, a room that is not occupied often, making it stay untouched and almost perfect. On the far wall sits an upright piano. This piano has many memories, from me learning to play on there and family members playing songs at holiday parties, just looking at it reminds me of Christmas songs. 

As I continue, on the right is the foyer. There is a record player that sits in the right corner that plays soft music throughout the day. Across from the record player is the front door, where our guests enter and exit. This room has had many happy hellos, ending in sad goodbyes, but is a very welcoming room with the light, hardwood floors, tan walls, and home-y pictures hanging on the wall. Looking up, you see high ceilings, a sparkling chandelier, and the stairs leading up. Walking up the soft, carpet stairs, I reach the top where my parent’s room lies. The dark walls, king bed, and warm colored décor, give this room gives a cozy feeling. It is a room full of love. At the back of the room is a wooden door, leading to the master bathroom. As my foot touches the vinyl floor a chill is sent through my body. The white jacuzzi tub, shower, and marble countertops give the room and an open, bright look. In the middle of the back wall is a door leading to a large, walk-in closet, full of clothes, some covering the floor. Leaving the closet, bathroom, and bedroom, on the left is my mom’s office. This room has a red, vintage couch against the left side wall and a dark brown desk against the right wall. It is a quiet space, perfect for working. To the left of the office is a bathroom. The dark grey walls, black shower curtain, dark vinyl flooring, and marble counter tops give the bathroom a warm feeling. Continuing to the left is my brother’s room, entering to a musky aroma and full of baseball décor. This is a room I don’t often enter, only pass on the way to my room. At the back end of the upstairs is my room. Walking in I can smell my favorite candle, hot cocoa and cream. The dark grey walls, with a strip of black at the top gives it a dark vibe, but my white furniture brightens it up. My white vanity sits against the right wall, a place I spend much time, doing my makeup, homework, or just hanging out. My bed, night stand, and dresser match, a sleek, bright white. The white furniture opens my room, giving it a brighter look. My bed is very cozy, covered in pillows and a soft, yellow throw. This room is full of memories from getting ready for fancy events, hanging out with my friends, and having serious conversations. It’s the perfect place to go and feel relaxed, I can leave all my stress at the door. 

Every room in my house is full of memories, love, and comfort. The objects, people, and pets complete not only my house, but my heart as well. This home is my foundation, where I have grown to be the person I am today. When I think of home, I think of this house, a place that is truly like no other.    

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