Scrooge and Ghosts in “A Christmas Carol”

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Character Scrooge

Scrooge's Nephew said Merry Christmas and Scrooge said bah hum bug!

Scrooge lock up his office for the night. He walked to the exchange. Where he made a deal about buying corn. Then he walked home. Then all of a sudden someone said Scrooge over and over again in ghostly voice.

After hearing the ghostly voice and seeing a face on the door knocker, he quickly went into his home. He didn't hear any other voices until he was locked up in his bedroom. He then went to fireplace to get some food and saw the face again on the back wall of the fire place. He heard the ghostly voice saying Scrooge over and over again. All of a sudden he hears chains raddling coming up the stairs. Then he see his door start to unlock from the inside. And Marley the ghost walks in. Then Scrooge asked, who are you? The ghost said, my name is Marley. In another life, I was your partner.

Marley said you will be hunted by 3 ghost. You will be hunted by ghost of Christmas past, Christmas present and Christmas future. The first ghost will come at 1:00. The seconded ghost will come at 2:00. The third ghost will come in time.

Ghost 1 past. Scrooge went to bed and then he heard his name again he sat up and saw the ghost of Christmas past. Are you the ghost of Christmas past? Yes I am said the ghost. What is that asked scrooge? This is the bell that will show you your past. Then less get on with it. I know this place this is the boarding school that I went to said scrooge. Who is that on the bench asked scrooge? That is you scrooge. I was never allowed to come home when I was younger so I jest stay at the school for the hall days said scrooge. Then the ghost said less fast foreword 15 years. Then scrooge ask is that me 15 teen years later? Yes said the ghost. Open the door scrooge so scrooge opened the door and the scrooge's sister ran in sister ask why are you here. I am here because of our father has changed he wants to see you scrooge and his sister left the school. Dad you wanted to see me you can come for 4 days. So they a geared

Ghost 2 present scrooge saw a light coming from the other room so scrooge went in to the room. The ghost ask have you seen any thing like me be for ask the ghost. No I have not said scrooge. Less get on with what you are going to show me. Ok said the ghost. Put your hand on my sleeve said the ghost. The ghost and scrooge took a walk throw town.

Ghost 3 future

The next day Scrooge said good after noon to his nephew at his Nephew's house.

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