Scary Story

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I used to live in a quiet neighborhood that nobody knew too much about the other. It is not as if anyone had grudges with anyone, although there was a naturally strange old man living right in our apartment who owned a painfully beautiful parrot. With my young age and native nature, I had this urge to go and at least get to know him, since no one ever did.

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“Scary Story”

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One evening, I gathered enough courage to approach his house. Assuming that probably his old age had landed him to bed and did not hear my knocks, I voluntarily opened the door which was apparently unlocked. The creepy sound of the door made me begin thinking that this was a bad idea and that I should retreat. One thing led to another, I was standing somewhere in the middle of the room, and the door had locked itself.

As I made my way further into the house, I noticed that cobwebs filled the room. For a moment, I stopped and cleaned my glass owing to the dust that filled the room. Not only had it collected on my glasses, but my hair and hood as well. Making my way further, I found myself in the resting room. He did not have much, and the room had a single chair at the center that swayed voluntarily from its western design. Directly in front was a television that kept making noise without showing any signal. There was also furniture that was seemingly the resting point of the parrot. There was a significant framed picture of someone who looked like the owner of the house, and a young woman who I assumed had been the wife.

I was already restless and had it not been for my eagerness; I would have raced back home. The room was stuffy and dusty. Instantaneously, I heard some sound in the room. On looking back, I could see nothing and decided it was in my mind. I did not want to believe that is real. At this moment I had already made up my mind to leave. Then the voice came clear. Apparently, it was the parrot. I have been expecting this, so it did not move me. Nearing the door leading to upstairs, I noticed a shadow, enormous and frightening. Just before I could contemplate the view of what I saw, it went missing. Eventually, I found myself up the stairs trying to catch a glimpse of where the sound of the parrot came from. I am not sure, but I believe I thought that I wanted to rescue the animal.

I entered the first room upstairs which must have been the owner’s bedroom. Everything was misplaced in this place I wondered if he ever found anything he wanted. It was beginning to get dark. I could not see well, but there appeared to be something like human blood smeared on the walls. Water was running in the dirty bathtub and a human hand, flimsy and hairy, was hanging from the sink. I immediately turned around to run away and on whipping my head, whoop! There was the scary old man! He stood right in front of me with his supporting stick and the parrot right on his shoulder. Blood was drooping from the parrot’s beaks with entirely blackened eyes.

I said to myself this was a scary dream; nothing as frightening as this would merely happen, and to an innocent sole like me. The man’s eyes were wide open; his hair looked like he had just got an electric shock. His hands looked messy, with what appeared like human’s intestines and his tongue was licking his lips like the way a prey contemplates on a meal. Worse still, every second that passed, the man came nearer, and I just stood there unable to move. Whatever his method, the man would obviously decapitate me. I noticed an open window behind me. I wanted to believe that there would be a branch of the old tree that stood beside the house. Without time to think, I turned around and jumped. Holding on to the branch, I did not take time to land and just let myself do. Of course, I got hurt from the landing, but that was not a problem at that moment. I ran home and decided to keep quiet since it would sound a home alone story. I never wanted to think, leave alone having a glimpse of the house ever again.

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