Moving from Town to Town in “The Glass Castle”

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Moving to different towns was nothing special for the Walls Family weather poor or just plain crazy their family went through very tough times. Jeannette Walls had different life experiences she believed her father Rex Walls was temporary moving to different locations only promising to build “The Glass Castle”, for their family. Their constant moving caused them to have an unstable home life to constantly change schools and lose their things.

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“Moving from Town to Town in “The Glass Castle””

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Because the Walls family did not have a stable home life, they lived in old building’s that wasn’t safe for any family. The Walls family lived in a house next to a mining post where they slept in cardboard boxes, the house had all types of animals. Stray dogs, flies, and cats, nonpoisonous snakes, and lizards and tortoises that wasn’t safe for any children, but Jeannette parents did not seem to reject the animals. Afterward, Battle Mountain they moved to Phoenix to live in their grandmother Smith house the house had termites and cockroaches. Rex and Mary Walls kept the front door and back door and all the windows open because they did not have air conditioning. So homeless people and drunks came into their house all times of night. Jeannette also stated in the book that one night someone came into their home and touched on her private area her parents never locked the doors after that incident which I believe was totally insane.

When the family moved to Welch that had no refrigerator or central heat or air system. The house did not have any type of bathroom and it had no running water no electricity. The kitchen was wired with dangerous wires. In the effect wires would electrocute the children because in one corner of the kitchen the ceiling leaked every time it rained that eventually burst.

As a result, to the Walls family moving to different towns and cities, they moved from school to school and did not have many friends. When they stayed in Battle Mountain, they went to Mary S. Black Elementary School. They played with their classmates, but Jeannette never considered them as friends. In Phoenix, they went to Emerson. They had an orange tree in their back yard and a Banana tree at their school. I believe the kids in Phoenix like Jeannette and her family because she was a very smart and always answered questions before any of the other students did. Her teachers also considered her to be special because she was intelligent for her age. In Welch the Walls family went to Welch Elementary. They never fit in at school; Jeannette was being bullied on her first day. They lived in a dump their family was poor and the school they went to wasn’t like the school in Phoenix. It did not have play sets or nice teachers and a banana tree.

As a result, moving to different cities and towns the walls family lost all their things and still seemed to not get by. Before the Walls family left the trailer parks, Rex got rid of their cat Quixote He threw it out the car also she left her tinker bell doll. Then, they moved to Battle Mountain were she also had to leave her rock collection. Then the Walls moved to Phoenix and only left there because their dad drinking habits had gotten worse. Before they moved to Phoenix they lost their Grandmother Smith then they left Phoenix. Consequently, because Rex still didn’t stop drinking Rose Mary decided they leave for Welch. Jeannette was forced to leave her bike their great school and orange tree. So, Jeannette and her family moved to Welch to stay with their Grand Mother Erma, Rex’s family left there too because it wasn’t so peaceful there.

The Walls family never had a stable home life. They moved to different towns and schools because their dad could never keep his promise he also gambled and spent all their money at bars on alcohol. They lived in a broke down houses that had termites, no water, mostly no electricity, and no toilets. They also did not have any friends because they changed schools and lost all things their bikes, Jeannette rock collection, both of their Grandmothers. After all that, they still found a way to survive tough times.

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