WWE: the Main Event

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Every year, most types of sports have a huge event that basically sums up the whole year before and things that happen right before that event. For football (the NFL) it’s called the Super Bowl, for soccer it’s called the FIFA World Cup, for basketball (the NBA) it’s called the NBA Finals, and for wrestling (WWE), my favorite sport, it’s called WWE WrestleMania. WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment, formerly known as the WWF (World Wrestling Federation). Wrestling, or WWE in general, is the hardest thing you can actually do in terms of cutting a promo and remembering the storyline you have been put through.

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“WWE: the Main Event”

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Now, for WWE, their event is basically like the “Super Bowl of Sports Entertainment”, as some people may put it. The reason I say this, is that most of the things that they do are similar to the Super Bowl one similarity may include the timing (a reasonable 4, and a half hour period). Another similarity may be the way that the WWE events are usually held in ginormous arenas and the way that the NFL events are mainly held in the teams stadiums.

I’ve been watching wrestling for as long as I can remember, probably for about 13 plus years now. I love watching wrestling so much that I have watched every event and television program that they’ve aired live from 2005 and on. Not to sound like a super fan but it’s true. I don’t know what it is that makes wrestling so fascinating and interesting to me, I guess it’s because my dad has been a huge fan of the WWE for a very long time and when he got me into watching it for the first time, he could explain to me what it was all about and what was going on throughout the whole show. It is also probably because it lets the both of us have a huge connection or bond with each other when it comes to talking about wrestling. I’d have to say though, the whole arena was definitely fired up for the matches to come.

The emotions I felt during the matches, especially the last match, were really all over the place. I was feeling a bit of anticipation, but I wasn’t quite sure of how the entire event would play out. The entire crowd was by far, the loudest crowd I had ever heard. Most of the lighting and effects used were also astonishing and made the whole show a lot more intriguing. The arena to me looked like you were looking at a huge swarm of fish in the ocean but like 10 times bigger.

I didn’t expect this event to be as good as I thought it would be. It was very interesting and mostly action-packed. The Main Event match of WrestleMania 31 was the long-awaited match between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Title! I had never been so excited for a WWE title match at WrestleMania before but that completely changed on that night for sure.

For the main event, “the reigning, defending, undisputed world heavyweight champion”, Brock Lesnar was set to defend the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against “The Big Dog” Roman Reigns. And during the first minute, Lesnar performed a German suplex and an F-5, but to my surprise, did not try to pin Reigns. Lesnar did suffer a minor cut to his face (and later on his chin), but went on to dominate in the next ten minutes with multiple knee strikes and various suplexes (fisherman, German, overhead belly-to-belly, vertical, snap), leading to him yelling, ‘Suplex City!’ He performed a second F-5 near the 8-minute mark, but Reigns still kicked out.

Lesnar began to take off his MMA gloves, he then slapped Roman and performed another german suplex and then another F-5, but to Lesnar’s disbelief, Roman kicked out of the third F-5 at two. A turning point came around the 12-minute mark when both men were outside the ring; Reigns shoved Lesnar into the ring post, causing Lesnar to bleed profusely from the head. After Lesnar ran into the ring right before the referee finished the count, Reigns hit three Superman punches, then two consecutive spears, but Lesnar was able to kick out of the pin attempt at two. Lesnar countered another Superman punch with a fourth F-5, but failed to follow up with a cover.

While both men were down, another wrestler by the name of Seth Rollins, ran down to the ring with his Money in the Bank briefcase and cashed in his contract, turning the singles match into a triple threat match. Rollins rolled Reigns out of the ring and proceeded with a Curb Stomp move on Lesnar. Rollins went for another one but Lesnar countered by lifting Rollins in the air getting ready for an F-5, but Reigns hit Lesnar with a spear, which definitely saved Rollins. As Lesnar rolled out of the ring, Rollins hit Reigns with a curb stomp, pinning him to win the title.

Post-match, Rollins ran back up the entrance ramp and began to celebrate with the world championship title. Lesnar was outside of the ring down on the ground staring at Rollins with the title that he had been robbed of. Reigns looked as if he was going to start crying in the middle of the ring. He then went backstage and thanked everyone for putting the event together and left the arena.

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