Planning and Organizing an Event

Executive Summary

Adairsville High school football team need new uniforms in order to train and compete sufficiently against competing schools. Adairsville community should come together to support our Adairsville football team. As a community, we are responsible for supporting and motivating the young generation to strive for greatness. Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders, especially if those children have parents who are leaders (Rampton, 2015). The young generation or believe if one community can come together for a common goal than anything is possible with determination.


On September 8, 2018 a fundraiser event will be held at the picnic grove which was donated by the local fire department. The fundraiser event will collect an admission fee of five dollars for adults and children are free. El Nopal restaurant will volunteer services and food while all proceeds are donated to the Adairsville High School football team. The event will include raffle tickets, donated services of Mike Jones entertainment and events Dj services while having the opportunity to dunk former football coach in the dunk tank. The fundraiser will be renting the dump tank equipment and selling three throws for five dollars while profits will be donated to the football team. The five prizes of the raffling ticket drawing include an iPad, $100 Nike gift card, paintball gun, 55 inch Samsung TV, and two tickets to the Atlanta Falcons game.

Planning and organizing will start two weeks prior to the event. Promoting the event with flyers hung inside local businesses and signs displaying throughout the town. In collecting revenue mason jars will be placed at tables which people can donate to the fundraiser event. Mason jars will also be placed in local business prior to the event to help pay for advertisement and fundraiser merchandise after which all proceeds are donated to the football team. Meetings will be held for volunteers to coordinate and help set up tables that are donated. Volunteers should be assisting any person with questions while circumcising every area to prevent an accident.


Prior to the event, I had chosen the leaders by asking questions based on leadership skills and retrieving group votes. During an event, leaders need to recognize an issue or a concern should be represented. Leaders will know the best solution or where to find the appropriate decision. During the fundraiser, event leaders and all volunteers should interact with attending adults and children politely.


For the fundraiser event, I have chosen three groups to adequately assist attending individuals and attending businesses. The three groups will have one leader per group that will supervise and assist the remaining volunteers. Division of the volunteers includes ground volunteers, tent volunteers, and promotion volunteers. A total of fifteen volunteers allows efficient operations during the football fundraiser event. The volunteers will be equipped with a walkie-talkie to better communicate with everyone on the volunteer team. The communication app group is a technique which allows communication with no interruptions. During the event a mandatory every thirty-minutes check-in will occur between all volunteers if switching positions is requested. In group communication, an app should be promoted if at anytime a volunteer requires help or desires to speak with another volunteer or leader.


Controlling: “is defined as monitoring performance, comparing it with goals, and taking corrective action as needed,” (Kinicki, p.546). It is important to monitor and follow up how the activities, in relation to the accomplishment of organizational goals and objectives, are being performed, as it enables to ensure the work being delegated is carried out in a way as has been intended (Siddiqui, 2014). In a control system there are three main important aspects to be concerned with which are the staff, inventory, and revenue.

The first step in controlling the staff members is to establish the volunteer’s role for the event then set the standards for what needs to be done and at what time is crucial. For instance, the head leader of ground will supervise and assist all attending individuals during the event than before ending will collect all donated money. The fundraiser event will start at 2p.m. on a Saturday and will close at 9p.m.. Before the fundraiser event all volunteers will be reassured of their positions and set goals for the event. Inventory should be announced amongst all volunteer individuals to help promote each aspect involving the fundraiser. Introducing the event a promotion of raffle ticket items, such as iPad, $100 Nike gift card, paint ball gun, 55” Samsung tv and two tickets to the Atlanta Falcons game, will be displayed at the fundraiser entrance The raffle ticket winners will be announce at 8 o’ clock if not present during that time the winner will be notified by via email.

The restaurants will display inventory for all attending individuals and for volunteers to help assist in resources. Revenue for the fundraiser should be promoted at all times and announce the goal amount for the football uniforms and to cover expected expenses. Before the fundraiser event while promotions are advertised the head promotion leader will collect revenue to head support the event in purchasing raffle tickets, raffle prize items, the dunk tanks, and any necessary items to help assist for the event. During the event, the head promotion leader will assist in revenue collection from admissions and raffle ticket collections. The ground leader will collect revenue from mason jars located at each restaurant venue and from the dunk tank.


Leading is motivating people to work hard to achieve the organization’s goals (Kinicki, p. 546). Communication is the main key in operating a successful event and I plan on leading the team to solve and delegate task during the event. Strategic leadership focuses on what is to be achieved and not just on how much money must be raised (‘Six Success Factors in Strategic Fundraising’, 2014). Daily communication amongst all volunteers is valuable because of concerns, acquired intel pertaining to the event. Delegating tasks will help assist in which task require attention first and who is going to volunteer for instance before the event the promotion group will communicate who will ask specific restaurants to volunteer assistance so multiple individuals are not asking them twice and leaving space for communication errors.

Being open to all questions and comments will avoid miscommunication and all required items be in place for the event. I will communicate daily of any complications that may rise before or during the event while refreshing each group’s responsibilities during the event. During the last meeting amongst all volunteers, I will request a survey to be filled out concerning with operations, management and communication skills for fellow volunteers and group leaders. The survey will include questions on improvements for the next event and how they think the fundraiser event feedback from attending individuals.

For week one quiz results I realize I’m excellent at recognizing trends and establishing pathways to exploit them. I live to inspire individuals in difficult obstacles and for exciting opportunities. My delegation skills have evolved into an excellent level which motivates other leaders performance levels. I am an effective manager because I am constantly thinking of new strategies and new opportunities to advance the organization. Engaging individuals and motivating personnel is my strength in the corporate world and in society.


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