Participation in an Event with Parents

Family Engagement Plan

I am writing this letter with regard to our conversation which took place last week concerning my proposal for the school wide family engagement activities for the upcoming 2020-2021 school year. As per our discussion for the students of Steckel Elementary to grow physically and intellectually, it is important to have fun and by including extracurricular programs for the students. Such programs would enable the students to socialize in a diverse way with their friends. According to recent findings, Steckel Elementary has a population of families representing a culturally diverse population which embodies many different races, languages, ethnicities, religions and social economic statuses. Currently, your school has a good communication network through which it informs the parents by ways through newsletters and various types of social media.

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“Participation in an Event with Parents”

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The following are my suggestions for parent engagement programs which would will involve all students, parents, and school personnel. These programs would welcome families to participate with their special skills and talents in order motivate and inspire each person at the school.


Read With Me

Read with Me is a free program that invites parents to come in a read and aid their child in fluency and comprehension their child. This program involves a team of translators that supports all ethnicities, teachers, and parents who will organize and put together this formal support event that which will meet once a week for a one month. The Read with Me parent engagement program allows parents to acquire the necessary knowledge needed to support and guide their children by effective family communication and development of reading skills. During each weekly event refreshments, prizes, and entertainment will be provided. It is my hope that these prizes would serve to create a regular reading program in their homes. It is important for schools to know the abilities families have and aiding them so they may develop and grow.

It is known that by involving parents and family members into a partnership has a positive impact on a student. When parents are involved with the child at home and at school students are more successful. When parents and teachers work together as a team to help a student especially in a specific subject area for example reading student’s generally show improvement in that area. This program will show parents how to teach their child to read, provide training to parents for whom reading is difficult. There will be bilingual instructor for all cultures at the school who will work with parents and students. The parents learn strategies to help their children read better.

Diversity Night

April would be celebrate diversity month. It is a wonderful way to educate and inform all people on becoming culturally aware and to bring diverse families together. The night will give the students and their families a sample of different cultures and show the way people live in other countries. This event would include ethic foods from various countries that are represented in our school, dancing, crafts from different countries, music and their traditional clothing/costumes. To plan this family-friendly event, the school could partner with community agencies and parents from the different nationalities at Steckel and to donate or prepare food and share out other traditional articles. A school wide planning committee could set up and parents from different cultures can volunteer along with school representatives allowing them to decide what activities from their specific country they would like to introduce. An example would be to give the families the ability to perform their native dances such as Native Americans and Hawaiians. Share traditional story telling with folk tales and legends. A notable reason to coordinate a multicultural event is to give everyone the chance to offer faculty, students and all types of families the chance to have an entertaining and enjoyable time. Such an event will enlighten, all by making academic associations with new world experiences.

Gallery Night

Gallery night would be a new spin on the schools current Halloween festivities. Teachers, parents, and guardians will be given notice three months prior to the night of the event. Invitations will go out to all families and l be translated. Announcements will appear in our newsletter and on our social media accounts. Mary and Sue are remarkable artists and parents of two Steckel students and will organize this event along with the PTA. Gallery night will encompass all types of medium. Students from each grade level will be provided with a theme for their individual classroom and present that theme creatively and artistically. To make this materialize, parents and guardians will collaborate with their children to make this event fun and successful. Hallways will be converted into magical gallery of students creative and artistic work. Art builds self-confidence for the students, and families gleam when they see the child’s work. Art not only brings everyone together and makes them joyful it also is a motivator that promotes thinking, engagement and power.

Wrap Up

Family engagement in any and all of these activities that I have is guaranteed to engage families and school staff. It would have families taking an active roll in their child’ s education. Families will be involved through participation, making decisions, setting goals for the school along with their child’s success in these programs and activities. Nothing that says it better than mural in your lobby which states “United in Color and Culture”.

Thank you for your attention. Please consider my proposal and I look forward to hearing from you please feel free to reach out if you have questions.

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