Will we Stop Trump before it’s too Late

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In the April 6, 2018 New York Times article, Madeleine Albright criticizes President Trump by claiming his entire presidency is nothing more than mere fodder for fascists that seek the opportunity to have their backwards views and despicable actions excused by none other than our own leader. Using the American President's ill-received words to invalidate concerns brought up against them, Dictator's around the world have taken advantage of the man supposedly responsible for representing a nation founded on freedom and democracy. Concerning President Trump's notoriously distasteful public dialogue, his brash temper, and his penchant for lying; Albright begs the question, how have Trump's outbursts damaged our relationships with other countries? Can those relationships be repaired? How will this affect our country's future, and can we stop our own leader before it becomes too late? Personally, I chose this article because I am extremely against war, fascism, general hatred, and intolerance.

Our President has continuously made decision after decision to disregard the safety of his nation, and the happiness of his people in favor of his own, often times nonsensical agenda. Throughout this essay, I will be analyzing Albright's political ideology, as well as comparing and contrasting it to my own.Body Fascism, a political movement that is characterized by extreme authoritarianism and nationalism. Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, both famous fascists that killed millions and destroyed themselves in the process. Would it be such a stretch to claim, as Albright has, that Trump is similar to these two men, and even unintentionally validates their beliefs? Not according to a Washington Post article that also claims Trump's mannerisms are eerily similar to that of well known and universally despised fascist dictators. Umberto Eco, a late Italian novelist, created a 14-point list that outlines fascists traits in 1995. This list is now globally recognized and referenced around the world, and according to it, Trump isn't very far off. Displaying a rejection of modernism by repeatedly denying the existence of climate change, referring to any minor criticism as being treasonous, and his overwhelming elitism; These are all commonly shared traits among fascists, and Trump is no exception. Mr. Trump has. . . jokingly or not equated mere policy disagreements with treason (Albright, 2018).

Albright laments that Trump constantly tries to undermine America's faith in our electoral process through far-fetched claims and downright lies regarding voter integrity, as well as heckling immigrants and their home countries, among other things. Albright makes her distaste towards the President's beliefs obvious, as well as her concern towards the actions Trump has put into motion; Specifically, America's now thriving rivalry with North Korea. When you're at odds with your own President, it can be hard to decide what to do. So, how should you approach an angry man with too much power for his own good? According to Albright, we must, above all else, defend the truth. A free press is not the enemy of the American people (Albright, 2018). Along with standing by the truth and allowing our press freedom to report to the public, Albright also states we must reinforce the principle that no one, not even the president, is above the law (Albright, 2018).

The government has allowed our President to say whatever he likes without consequence for too long. There should be clear policies against allowing men and women with racist, sexist, and close-minded views from representing our nation. It's not discriminatory, as some conservatives might claim; It's only fair. It goes against America, fundamentally, to allow someone who doesn't value everyone equally to lead. That being said, what do all these things say about Albright's own political ideologies? If she opposes the hand of fascism, and clearly opposes hyper-conservative Americans; It goes without saying, after viewing all the evidence, that Albright is a liberal through and through. A belief in free-speech, abolishment of class systems and protection of the individual; All reminiscent of Albright's beliefs, as well as my own. My ideologies are definitely the same as the author's, without a doubt, as we share many of the same opinions concerning our government.


In conclusion, our nation needs to take steps to ensure that men like Trump cannot fuel hate speech, violence, and discrimination. Trump's words further the agenda of callous leader's all over the world, and as a country with roots seated in freedom, happiness, and democracy; it cannot go on any longer. Especially with the recent strike on Syria, it is crucial we band together and show President Trump that he is not above the law. The question is, will we be able to do so before it's too late?

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