Trump’s Policies and its Effects on the American Economy

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When it comes to lowering corporate taxes, the argument is that if large corporations are able to make more profits, they will be able to expand, therefore provide more jobs, raise wages. It is said that they will put the surplus back into their business.

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“Trump’s Policies and its Effects on the American Economy”

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The problem with this clear enough. Neoclassism says it is human nature to be greedy, selfish, insatiable yet also rational (Magrass- class discussion), if you take this theory as truth then why on earth would large corporations take the surplus from their lowered taxes and suddenly start being generous with it. I think the site of that bottom line is too attractive of a site to corporate CEO’s and shareholders. If it is human nature to look out for ourselves, then I bet corporations are real good to make it look they are creating more jobs, while in reality, they just purchase goods from overseas instead of American made and they pay lower wages in order to maximize production. The better idea is to lower small business owner taxes in order to allow growth on both sides of the class separation. It makes it impossible for the small business and manufacturers to compete. The bigger the larger corporations get, the harder it is to prevent the monopolization of industries.?? The large corporations are the giants that I think are big enough, why cut their taxes so they can get even bigger? Noam Chomsky writes More precisely, because of the Republican Party, which by now is becoming a real danger to decent human survival in her book who rules the world, in regards to climate change and melting icebergs, she also states that a 2016 Republican Presidential candidate publicly denies and questions climate change this is one of many reasons why democrats oppose Trump.

In class I learned Trump once said, Is it fair that some people get welfare and others have to work. That aims directly towards white middle- lower class workers. It’s a heated debate many blue-collar families have over Thanksgiving dinner, while at the same time, it would probably contribute to push black and Hispanics in Clintons direction. Trumps obsessive need to destroy Obama care is another thing that turn blacks and Hispanics away from Trump. They are the denomination in large that work the jobs that do not offer private health care, Obama care may not be perfect, but it was and is something for those who simply do not have access to affordable insurance. Anti -abortion- well that screams pro white southerners and anti- black and Hispanics. Not just for the abortions, but for all the services a clinic offers its community including free std testing, sex ed and affordable birth control for those who again struggle to find healthcare are need of these services more than anyone. When cut funding to places like planned parenthood you are also cutting all these necessary options for lower class neighborhoods and communities.

I came across this quote that answers the question How will democracy, freedom, and capitalism be affected by President Trump’s policies?

We should not make the mistake in thinking that democracy is an essential element of capitalistic endeavors. Once again democracy is simply a discard able convenience that can be thrown aside when it’s interests’ conflict with capitalists overriding objective…perpetuating wealth. (blogger/author Jon Hansen, in response to an interview by Chris Keller and Eugene Mccarraher- Jan20th, 2010)

Even though this quote was written prior to Trumps election it sums up well I think, that it might be a lost battle, that capitalism will survive no matter what. The only thing to really get interrupted by a capitalist’s policies would be democracy and freedom. Clearly Trump will pass policies that support capitalist endeavors more than even I realized. Since I myself, a poor white working woman who voted for Trump would care to admit.

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