Trump’s Presidency Sparks the Women’s March

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How Did Trump's Presidency Spark the Women's March?

On Donald Trump's first official day in presidential office, hundreds of thousands of raged Americans crowded the streets of the nation's capital for the Women's March on Washington. This colossal movement was directed towards the Trump Administration and the threat it characterized to civil, human and reproductive rights. Simultaneously, over 3 million citizens in cities across the United States occupied their own similar protests to display their backing for the resistance movement. What triggered the outrage leading up to this march was in the 2016 presidential campaign, when a 2005 video clip went viral of Trump mentioning in vulgar conversation, about how his fame let him inappropriately touch women, which later urged various other women to address allegations about his previous inappropriate sexual harassment.

The release of this tape outraged many women across the country, rightfully so. Hence, the objective of the Women's March which was to promote the political strength of diverse women and their communities in efforts to construct social change (Women's March).
This march was a female-led demonstration, that informed participants on an assorted range of basic human rights. Since the start of Trump's campaign, he has mentioned on multiple occasions about making reproductive resources such as testings, birth control and abortion less accessible for Americans. taking away President Trump's alleged accusations of sexual harassment and appalling views on human rights directly targeted a variety of minorities, encouraging a forceful group of empowering women to create this movement. This march also generated entry points for participants to educate their communities on these basic human rights at stake by creating outreach programs and events. This movement supported the conclusion that Women's Rights are Human Rights and that women of all ethnicities, religions and gender/sexual identities are free to live in a protected environment supported by fundamental rights. Did Trump getting elected give women in America a wakeup call about their rights (Trump Administration to Strip Mention of Reproductive Health and Rights in State Department Human Rights Report)?

The motivation to this movement all started in the beginning of Trump's 2016 presidential campaign. During this campaign a video of Trump inappropriately talking about women was leaked to the media, shocking people across the country. This video showed just a taste of Trump's true character and his attitude towards women. Not only did this video shock many women across the country, but it was a gateway to multiple women opening up about past allegations of sexual misconduct involving Mr. Trump. The President of the United States on trial for sexual misconduct, does this not sound ridiculous to anyone else? The idea that a majority of Americans put these allegations past Mr. Trump and voted for him anyways, concerned a group of angered women creating this monumental movement (Women's March).

Additionally, President Trump has made several statements about remaking policies in efforts to limit access to birth control and abortion, both basic human rights. What would an old white man from the upper-class know about the female reproductive system? Trump pled when he ran for office that he claims to be pro-life. In support of that belief, some of the changes Trump has put into order under the administration's authority include adjustments such as, attempting to get rid of government financed family planning facilities from alluding women for abortions and supplying birth control free of charge. Birth control and abortion have been a staple in human rights for decades now, and many individuals would suffer if these rights were withheld and the women behind this march were not having it (Trump Remaking Federal Policy on Women's Reproductive Rights).

Furthermore, this movement was created to motivate Americans to come together. After the damage Trump informed to propose among the women of this country, he fueled a fire in the hearts of citizens across the country that would not go out. These citizens are coming together to fight for the rights for their mothers, daughters, sisters and more importantly themselves. The objective among these marchers is to educate and fight for the basic human rights that women and minorities deserve. Hence because after all, Women's Rights are Human Rights (Our Mission).

On the other hand, not all Americans were for this movement. Many pro- life or Trump supporting conservatives were not in support for this movement. Whether it was for social or religious reasons, they did not believe that this march was beneficial to society. In response to that, a handful of non-supporters had their own protests outside of the Women's March against the mission of this movement. Most of these conservatives had their beliefs against the women's rights and reproductive rights because of social or religious values, but how could one be against something that affects your family and friends (Trump Remaking Federal Policy on Women's Reproductive Rights)?

Putting aside religion and social beliefs, although everyone is entitled to their own opinion, it should not deprive others from living in a healthy and safe environment. Trump's negative history and attitude and towards women and their rights has brought the uneducated and prejudice Americans out of the woodworks, and this movement is fighting against that. Between actions he has made before his presidential campaign and comments he has made during his campaign for president, he has ignited a fire within angered women that they are not going to put out. Trump has brainwashed a handful of Americans into thinking that women are objects and not capable of having basic human rights that have been in their possession for decades and that triggered the women behind this march to stand up and fight against taking those rights away (Women's March).

Lastly, due to the outrage in women across the U.S. due to President Trump's blasphemous comments and beliefs on women and women's rights, there was a spark that was lit in a group of empowering women leading to the Women's March on Washington. The Women's March was a movement that was meant to educate and empower women on the basic rights that they deserve and how to fight for them. This movement was demonstrated on the first day of Donald Trump's presidency in efforts to make a statement that the women of this country are not in support for his outrageous plans to take away Women's rights and his feelings against women (Women's March).

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