Why is Mechanical Engineering so Poplular?

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In today’s world students are provided with a wide spectrum of choices when it comes to choosing the field of their career. Students can opt for the field of study that would not only cater to their interests but help them in preparing enough so that they can excel in life and have a fulfilling career. For anyone who has an aptitude for mathematics, physics, production, problem solving, designing etc. the field of mechanical engineering would be the best option to pursue. Mechanical engineering is one of the most extensive area of study that prepares the student in applying the theoretical knowledge of physics and mathematics in the real-world design and manufacturing of mechanical products. While it is true that mechanical engineering requires extensive study, the art of turning conceptual ideas into real world through creative design and analytical application is not short of magic. Also, mechanical engineers are highly respected in the society and have a high paying jobs or businesses during the course of their fulfilling careers.

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“Why is Mechanical Engineering so Poplular?”

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It is important to understand that mechanical engineering is the one of the oldest branches of engineering. The earliest humans developed small tools and weapons from whatever they could gather around them. These tools and weapons helped reduce human labor to a great extent and helped these early humans defend themselves efficeintly against predators. Not to forget the most important invention in the history of mankind, the wheel. Also during ancient Greek period and medevial times there were many inventions in the field of mechanics that influenced the western traditions in the field of mechanical engineering. But important breakthroughs took place in mechanical engineering when Sir Issac Newton and other notable scientists came cup with Calculus i.e. the mathematics of how physical movements take place. With the industrial revolution taking place in Europe new heights were acheived. It can be said that mechanical engineering became an inate part of the world around us within a short span of time. The examples are too many to count but consider the steam engines, elevators, cars, airplanes, ships, air-conditioners, robots and many more. These machines created by mechanical engineers have become an inseparable part of our lives and have helped solve many problems. So from enjoying the smallest comforts that mankind can imagine to the man’s exploration of space was possible largely due to the advances in this field.

In the United States the entry level education in mechanical engineering starts with the bachelors in mechanical engineering which is 4 year program that deals with the in-depth knowledge and application of the most basic concepts in the field. Concepts like mathematics, physics, thermodynamics, material science, mechanics, statics, instrumentation and measurement, hydraulics etc. are uniformly divided during the 4 years of education that constitutes the core curriculum of mechanical engineering. During the initial years of the course all mechanical engineering students are required to take core mathematical classes like calculus, differential equations, linear algebra and differential geometry. During the final years of the course after having laid a foundation, the students are introduced to many product design concepts that include processes like Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM). Students can also opt for certain speciality courses like robotics, cryogenics i.e. behavior of materials at very low temperatures, automotive design etc. During the course of study the students also participate in interesting group projects that instill the foundation of real life application and build team-working skills.

After completing the bachelors in mechanical engineering, students can pursue masters in mechanical engineering, a 2 year full-time course that is specially tailored for a students personal choices and interest in the area of specialization chosen from the vast variety of available subjects. The masters in mechanical engineering provides students with the edge and skills that they require in mastering the specialized topics of their choice and provides them with an in-depth knowledge in that particualr specialization. The good thing about this course is that it can be also be partaken on part-time basis so that the students can also work in their fields while completing their studies. Students also have a chance to go for Ph.D that is a research based study on a more specialized topic. All the knowledge acquired through the basic training of this course can be incorporated into a practical research work under the guidance of one’s advisor. The Ph.D in mechanical engineering can be as long as 5 to 6 years dependeing on the research topic and it’s requirements. It is also important to note that ceratin jobs related to mechanical engineering may also require a license. Though the journey to achieve the grasp of mechanical engineering is extensive, it is also very much fun and exciting in it’s own sense. It provides students with an all-round perspective of problem solving and building new products.

Mechanical engineering requires a combination of both hard skills and soft skills. A substantial part of mechanical engineer’s job requires problem solving abilities. We as humans are limited in some certain ways and face some difficulties as we go along our lives. The task of a mechanical engineer is to identify these problems and help find out a viable solution for it. A very good aptitude for solving mathematical problems goes a long way for mechanical engineers. During the early stages of any given problem mathematical skills help analyze the problem better and come up with a practical solution.

Creative thinking is also a very helpful skill that helps during the product development stage. As in any profession teamwork is of great importance in this field too. Being a mechanical engineer, you are expected to co-ordinate with a number of colleagues who are working on a big project in order for it to be completed in a timely and efficient manner. Sometimes the designing and the basic drawing of the product to be manufactured requires the assistance of some computer drawing software programs. These programs aid in making the drawings with more precision and short amount of time. Also an important part of mechanical engineering jobs require making reports, presentations and flow charts to represent the ideas and working mechanisms of the proposed products to the senior members of the firm. Each job requires the mixture of the skills mentioned here and a few more. But one thing is sure and that is any job taken up as mechanical engineering comes with exhilarating challenges and the satisfaction of building something new.

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