Aviation Maintenance Management and Engineering

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The structures vary with the management philosophy of the company to meet its goal and objectives. There is a basic organization structure that is divided into three; the two comes from traditional management thinking while the third is the separation of production activities. The span of control states that supervisor can effectively supervise three to seven people and any less would be ineffective while more would spread the boss too thin. At lower levels, the span of control is so narrow compared to higher levels, as at lower levels a line or hangar may have 20 to 30 of the specialized technician to supervise. The second basic concept of grouping is similar function under one supervisor. The third is under FAA rules; the airline must have individual programs that have self-monitoring. It’s recommended that self-monitoring operate differently to avoid conflict. The organization chart is the typical midsize airline, and VP level continues downwards with designated supervisor, and the head of the airline should be in the high level in the airline. There are five primary functions: technical service, aircraft maintenance, overhauls shops, material service, and maintenance program.

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“Aviation Maintenance Management and Engineering”

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Each manager has specialized in their areas, and their position contains numerous activities and services. There are different managers including engineering, training, planning and control, technical publication, computer service, hangar and line maintenance, engine shop and other fields in the airline. For the entire above organization, the managers or supervisors are responsible for their ordinary activities for smooth operating. Maintenance management structure represents a collection of structural and procedure components, and they differ because smaller and larger airline cannot work under the same arrangement. In small one individual will be required to perform several duties but to a high, there will need more than one maintenance base. Organization chart may vary on airline requirements because some airline does not have their overhaul maintenance; therefore, there is no need to hangar maintenance.

Technical service is divided into organization chat and director of professional service. Engineering defined from engineers who are professional in knowledge in mathematics and natural science gained by study, practice, and experience. In an airline, maintenance is needed, so we have the maintenance engineers which their primary function is to support maintenance. Airlines have both degreed and senior licensed mechanics and different groups of engineer for each model. The larger the airline, the more major different the engineering department will be. Some airlines have engineering department made of mechanics only; they study practical aspects of aviation system and equipment. Engineers are to identify those with an academic degree in their field and are different from workers. Basically, they are problem solvers and take over where the mechanics leave off, and it takes both to make an efficient maintenance and engineering organization.

Engineering department provides preparation, study, and analysis of maintenance operation, requirement and program. Development of maintenance program plays a significant role because it assembles all things required. M&E document contains necessary information and can be developed with inputs from other M&E units. Engine and component can be modified and improved in an aircraft, or some things can be added by considering current configuration, engine type, and many others. New facilities may be required in an airline to expand the existing ones. Work that is not included in an engineering order prep is issued in standard maintenance.

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