What it Takes to be a Mechanical Engineer

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In order to become a mechanical engineer, one must go to college and get their bachelors degree, get your licensing and also take the required exams. There are many duties to working a job like this,  having to be able to read blueprints, draw technically. Also will need to operate, Research, evaluate and design. A few technical skills are being able to use scientific software such as MAYA Nastran, Minitab, Sigmetrix CETOL 6 Sigma and The MathWorks MATLAB. Also you will need to use other softwares like Autodesk Revit, Perforce Helix software, Microsoft Visual Basic, Microsoft Visio and Trimble SketchUp Pro.

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“What it Takes to be a Mechanical Engineer”

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        People who work or are working towards becoming a mechanical engineer will be working forty hours a week. The hours worked my change to conditions of work. A few work styles you will need to adapt to is being able to cooperate, paying attention to detail and also being depended on. They usually work at a desk, in a office and create blueprint and read them as well. They also need to talk to people for most of their time on the job. Working this job does not sustain to injury as much because there’s not much work with dangerous tool and equipment. The tools you will need to be able to use are Flowmeters, Machine mounts or vibration isolators, Semiconductor process systems, Signal generators and a Voltage comparator integrated circuits. Like stated before mechanical engineers will usually work in a office. But sometime they will need to go and visit a construction site and see if all is going as planned and if any improvements are needed.

        There is an estimate of 21,200 jobs available to work. These jobs are mostly found in the city areas that need building structures. There is a nine percent increase in jobs of this kind by 2026. The layoff is not high because to get a job like this you will need to be really a hard worker so there most of them are not there to goof off. Some benefits you get from is job are insurance for  medical, dental, and vision. Also they can get  profit sharing disability insurance or education assistance depending on who they work for. Becoming a senior engineer is a promotion. In the beginning you start as a starter, they may not give you hard jobs. But as a senior they will be at the top of thing and work harder but also get paid more of core.

        To be able to have this job people will have to work on getting their bachelor’s degree because this is need to start any engineering job. This will take five years of school to finish and be in the industry. There a few good schools to go to for your degree such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford university and the University of Cambridge. MIT is the best school to go they are ranked number one for engineering. But University of Cambridge is also a good school it’s just that’s it is in the United Kingdom. 

        There are many important skills that will need be to use in this job active listening is one of them they will need to give all attention to whoever is talking, asking questions in important because there can’t be any mistakes while on the job. Also math skill is needed in this job. Math is need to be able to solve a problem that comes their way. Same as science, there needs to be the correct science behind things to work. Reading is also big, reading sentences and paragraphs and being able to understand them is needed. There are many softwares they need to know to work this job. The need to learn quick is needed to work fast with new projects. Cooperation is important  in this job too. People will need to work together and get along.

        The reason someone my want this job is that they might love working on cars and other matters of that sort. Also enjoy working with blueprints and love working with others. Also tech might be one of there skills and want to use it as a career. Being a mechanical engineer takes a lot of work but is worth it. You will have the ability to do what you love to do and not need to worry about not liking your job. Being an engineer is a spectacular  job and skill.

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