My Desire to be Mechanical Engineer

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The career I want to pursue is a Mechanical Engineer, I got this career as a result on both of the tests that I took to figure out what career I wanted to pursue. I have wanted to be a mechanical engineer for as long as I can remember. My entire life I have always had a great interest in working in and around cars, trucks, and anything else with a motor. The reason I want to be a mechanical engineer is that, from the little experience I have with it, I love doing it. I love working on cars, trucks, dirt bikes, ATV’s, and even lawnmowers, and with the proper education, I can do it. Another reason is that this job pays well, the average wage of a mechanical engineer is about $84,000 per year, which is about $43 per hour.

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“My Desire to be Mechanical Engineer”

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Mechanical engineering has an interesting history, one of the first mechanical engineers was a Greek engineer named Archimedes, who invented such things as the Architonnerre, the Claw of Archimedes, Archimedes’ screw, the pulley system, and many more. As you can see, Mechanical Engineering has been a crucial part of society since 212 BC. Mechanical Engineering was needed then and is still in high demand now. It will not be hard to find an opening to be a mechanical engineer because there are 288,800 people working as mechanical engineers in the United States, which is 5776 Mechanical engineers per state. I feel that education is crucial for almost every job, for Mechanical Engineers it is advised to have at least a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. I plan on getting either a bachelor’s degree or higher in Mechanical Engineering.

Mechanical Engineering requires a deep knowledge of Mechanical and Thermal devices, as well as a knowledge of engines, transmissions, chassis, frames, unibodies, etc. This is normally all learned through education. Now that you know what Mechanical Engineering Takes to do, but not what you do. Mechanical Engineers build and design machines that produce power, whether it be horsepower ( a vehicle) or electricity (electric/gas/diesel generators). They also create and maintain internal combustion engines, which are the ones used in cars, lawnmowers, snowblowers, etc. If Mechanical Engineering does not work out for me then I will have to pick another career, for my career test I got recommended Architecture and Construction, Transportation, Distribution, and logistics, and Information Technology.

I would consider looking into Construction or Information Technology if Mechanical Engineering did not work out in the end. Antother Career I would consider was Computer Hardware Engineer, Computer Hardware Engineers create and test computer hardware such as Graphics Cards, CPU’s, Motherboards (Circuit boards), and all other things electronic. I planned to be a Mechanical Engineer before I got recommended the job from the career test. As I said earlier, I have been working on motors for many years. Most of the time with my Father and my Brother. I enjoy manual labor whether it be working on a computer or working on a jobsite. So from my preferences, I have chosen Mechanical Engineering, I believe that I will love learning about how to 

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