Why i Chose Engineering?

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Engineering has been embedded in our family for as long as I can remember, from my granddad who used to develop his own irrigation systems for his fields to my father, a mechanical engineer who established and helped prosper countless projects. This not only just motivated me but also set ablaze in me a passion for discovering the vast, fascinating field of engineering especially the birthplaces of all the machineries we witness in our normal lives.

Despite an interest in Engineering, I decided to pursue Biology in A levels in order to build a perspective on the advancing medicine, healthcare and well-being through the application of engineering and data sciences and technology. Mathematics harnessed my ability to tackle problems and approach potential solutions through algorithms, algebraic manipulation and calculus. Books and articles fed my zest for Physics and engineering. The recent Groundbreaking inventions in the field of laser physics exhilarated me about their potential applications that could impact our future. I indulged in my passion for constructing machines by participating in regional competitions with the school's science society. For a Sci-Fi Competition, I lead a team that produced a model hydroelectric plant using parts from old toys such as small electric motors and gears. I also recycled old newspapers to generate writings sheets. These events made me realize that the secret ingredient of every successful project was teamwork. They also helped me nourish my leadership skills. 

My internship at Riphah International University allowed me to shadow experienced engineers and further refine my knowledge. I also frequently visited automobile workshops to learn about the details of electro mechanic systems on a basic level. Furthermore, I also researched about the management of Mega projects in automobile, chemical and petroleum industries.

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