Differences between Organic and Mechanical Structures

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DIFFERENCES BETWEEN ORGANIC AND MECHANICAL STRUCTURES Organizational structures is very important for organizations because these structures create environment for to active the organizations. There are some differences between organic and mechanical structures. These differences has been found by Burns and Stalker.

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“Differences between Organic and Mechanical Structures”

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They are management scientist. They had searched relations between organizational design and environmental conditions. They organized interview to manager and office staff. They found these differences after their searching and interview. These differences are about environmental conditions.

Mechanical structure more appropriate for places where have stagnant environmental conditions but organic structure not like that. Organic structure appropriate for places where environmental conditions change continuously.

Mechanistic organizations are efficient, rigid, predictable, and standardized organization but organic organizations are flexible, adaptable, and team directed. Mechanical structure have classic management system properties. Specifically, mechanistic organizations are characterized by a rigid hierarchy; a heavy reliance on rules, policies, vertical specialization; centralized decision making, communications and narrowly defined tasks. Generally, mechanic structure has vicious cycle but organic structure suitable for productivity.

Characteristics of Mechanical Structure Mechanical structure depends on the order and command relationships. This like a water company because water companies’ goals only product a bottle of water ideally. Water companies’s employees only focus on their one task. In mechanic structure relationships between members of the organization are vertical and formal. This can cause for some problem. For example top manager told task and how will done this to lower level person that task can be change until it goes to the lowest level. It can be big problem for a work. In a mechanical structure administrators and managers interfere to every work and work is attached to the hub everytime.

Work done for best and ideally. In mechanical structure administrators are responsible for works, problems or something. If there was a problem in a factory, admnistrator or manager is resbonsible because workers work detached from each other. Characteristics of Organic Structure In organic structure works done by workers’ relationships with each other. This like a film companies. Because film companies not only depend on one task or movie, they always create new something.

For example, producers and other officials must be in information exchange because people want to new and orginal things from them everytime. In mechanical structure top manager told task and how will done this to lower level person that task can be change until it goes to the lowest level but in organic structure not like that. In Organic structures companies it not that way because in organic structure horizontal communication is valid. So persons be together usually and they be in communication everytime. They decide everything together. So tasks or something not change. In organic structure work is not attached to the hub and work not done good the good or best work is done. In organic structure works, everyone are resbonsible because they always be in communication for a work. They do works together or they decide something together not only manager rebonsible in this structure. For example a company is developing computer system. There is a group and they decided what they will do and they developed that. If that computer system has a problem this responsibility belongs to everyone because they decided together what they will do and what is true what is wrong.

Differences Between These Structure Mechanical structures are mainly for companies that operate in a stable environment, use a centralized approach of authority, and maintain strong loyalty for management. Organic structures are used in organizations facing unstable environments and must possess the ability to change accordingly. In the organic structures persons analyze, and distribute information and knowledge very quickly.

This ensures that they stay competitive against other businesses. integrated with one another. Also, by implementing decentralized decision will help empower employees leading to greater creativity and better problem solving. I think organic structure more effectively for working organizations. Because, in mechanical structure communication contains only orders and reports. Organic structure agrees person’s special informations and working together.

And organic structure hasn’t imperative things the structure has more information exchange so persons do their tasks and jobs more effectively. In the mechanical structure ‘’person to be expert in the field’’ this thing is more important but in the organic structure persons can use their own speacial properties and informations. So organic structure more good and effectively for working. For example, there is a group of worker. They must repair a computer fan. If they know only about fans and they are proffessional fan repairmen they will repair only that fan but if they know about fan, about computer, and general technological things and if they can use these abilities and informations they will repair that fan and they can develop that fan, other computer fans or somethings about computer. So organic structure more good for working because group working, communication, special informations and abilities more helpful for working. Mechanical structure don’t let to persons for create more good job because in the mechanical structure managers only focus their task for best. In the organic structures persons, workers be able to creative. Mechanical structure has more production and efficiency its good for a job but the structure has more centralization and formalization its not good i think.

Because if centralization more less managers can use their own abilities and they can create more good job. In organic structure its possible because in organic structure formalization and centralization more less than mechanical structure. For example, If i was magazine editor in Level Magazine about games, i had would want to be organic structure in my office. Because magazine jobs are about communication. They must play games and search every new games together they have to write and think together what will they write and add new things for readers.

Workers or writers must study together and they always must talk each other for their job. Writers must be talkative and creative already. If they don’t talk with people and not in communication they can’t write anything. But first they must talk each other of course. But my magazine’s factory must be in mechanical structure because they have to print my magazine every month or week best. They must use their own properties and informations because they need common idea everytime.

And in the work it must be low centralization, persons musn’t focus on central. If a manager want more productivity that job must be mechanical structure so workers must focus on only their tasks and jobs. They musn’t do anything other jobs and they musn’t create different things for their job.

They musn’t use their own properties and their informations, in that job must be one knowledge manager. It must be more centralization and formalization for that job and product. Only top manager has every informations in the mechanical structure. I think organic structure more favorable and appropriate. Because, in my opinion, creativity and productivity is very or most important thing for work. If works conducted together they will be in communication and it will be good for relationships for people. Communication and relationship is most important thing for people and if they are good work will be good too.

People’s brainstorms and communications will help and guide for find the best. In organic structure, people are independent so they can be better and develop themselves. In my opinion organic structure more democratic than mechanical structure. And people grow and develop themselves they will create new and more good more beneficial things. Of course mechanical structure good for some work for example product companies. Because they only need more product and they must be focus on center. They have only one task. Company create decision factory realize that decision. It is vicious circle. It like a relationship between dress company and factory.

Dress company is creative and factory is manufecturer. For example Vans Company and Vans Factory. Vans dress company and workers follow fashion, look and search what kind of dress style people like and create different dress styles. So the company decide and choose some of dress and factory start to product ideally. But factory can’t change these dress styles and something because they have to do only their work best. In this situation Vans Company has organic structure but Vans Factory has mechanical structure.

Productivity is important for work. Being innovator is really important for work. In the mechanical structure workers only depend on their manager and they must be hanging on their job only. But I think workers must be innovator, they must be create more good job for productivity so again organic structure more favorable for working. If i had a company about electrical appliances and i had workers i would like they be i communication. I would like they are innovator because I wouldn’t want to product only same and good electrical appliance i would like to product different and more good more useful appliances. So if it will be possible my workers must be innovator, my workers musn’t depend on me and they must product new and more good things everytime. In organic structure problems are solve together. For example there is a lamp and it is broken. If the responsibility be stuck to one man both would be a waste of time as well as reduced productivity. But if the responsibility be stuck to everyone and if they study together that problem will be solved more quickly and maybe they will find something new. I think hardware companies and factories are really good example for these differences.

Hardware factories have a mechanical structure. In hardware factories workers work same time everyday and they do same things. In these factories the workers take order, they apply and do that. For example, their task is producting pink mause, they have to do them in their shift time.

Hardware factories produce only what is requested so they have a mechanical structure. But hardware companies and other staff everytime must create something and they don’t work at certain times. For example a hardware factory product keyborads. That hardware company must be create new keyboards for to attract attention and gain.

And in that hardware company workers work together for best innovation. Hardware companies’ goals is innovation and creativity. In hardware factories administrators and managers interfere to every work and work is attached to the hub everytime. In hardware factories, workers do their work for best and ideally. Managers control and manage their workers and work. In hardware companies work is not attached to the hub because work is depends on counseling and supporting. They study something in groups and decide together. In that companies workers do the best job and develop them.

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