A Profession of Mechanical Engineer

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For many years, the thought of leaving an impact on people has been a  great feeling therefore I want to pursue a career that helps better my community.  Some careers I have in mind are Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Fire Inspector.  Although I have three careers my main focus is mechanical engineering.  If that is not an option then I would pursue my other two careers that I choose.  All three careers can benefit my community in different ways like a Fire Inspector could be a big thing here because California has a big problem with wildfires and is known to have big fires.  So becoming a Fire Inspector would be a successful career in california.  Also becoming an Electrical Engineer would be beneficial carer because the job pays good and there would be many options of work if I would take this path in career.  

A Mechanical Engineer is someone who has problem solving skills in engineering from designing to manufacturing any object in the marketplace.  Mechanical Engineers analyze their work by using the principles of motion, energy, and force.   Ensuring  that there design works efficiently, and are reliable.  Also, they have to function safely and be at a competitive cost for the people who buy the product.  Mechanical Engineering is a very cast career and there are many things that involve this career.  But Mechanical Engineers are people that are good at solving problems and creating solutions to problems that are major.  Mechanical engineers create power-producing machines as one example.  Examples of some of the machines are electric generators, internal combustion engines, an turbines.  They also create machines simple things that normal people uses everyday such as refrigerators and air-conditioners.  And also things that are more complicated and that people use everyday such as elevators, and escalators. 

        The entrantry salary for a Mechanical Engineer is around $64,695, which is a good amount to start of with.  The average amount that a Mechanical engineer makes is $89,800 a year (Michigan Tech, 2018).  The top ten  percent make up to $131,350 a year.

Mechanical Engineers have to have a Bachelor degree.  If a Mechanical Engineer wants to be in a managerial position, most mechanical engineers also have a Master's degree, or a higher education degree (Such as a Ph. D). (Doyle).  There are also  licence requirements in the United States that every Mechanical Engineer has to have.  If a mechanical engineer wants to sell any product, they have to take an exam that they have to pass in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. 

A person that wants to be a mechanical engineer has to focus on math and science in high school.  They also need to focus on Humanities and computers. The person will have to take many math classes, such as Geometry, Trigonometry, Algebra, Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.  Once the person finishes high school they have to look at schools/colleges that have a program that are acreditable by the Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology(ABET).  Those accreditable programs are important for hiring managers especially for the first few jobs.  The experience that you have  may speak louder than the degree.  There is another way of doing the school part. Get a two-year, pre-engineering degree so you can work as a mechanical drafter before transfering to a four-year program. (Career School, 2018). 

In order to get a bachelor's to become mechanical engineer it would take four years to complete.  The entrance requirement to become a mechanical engineer is that the person has to have a bachelor's degree is mechanical engineering.  If the person wants to become a mechanical engineer they have to take many maths classes such as geometry, trigonometry, algebra, and calculus.  Mechanical engineers also have to take many science classes such as physics, chemistry, and biology. 

There are many schools that offer a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering but the top schools to go if the person wants to become a mechanical engineer are Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a tuition of $51,832 and located in Cambridge, MA.  Georgia Institute of Technology with a tuition of $33,020 for students that are out of state and $12,424 for students in-state and located in Atlanta GA.  Stanford University with a tuition if $51,354 and located in Stanford, CA.  University of California- Berkeley with a tuition of $43,232 for out of state students and $14,240 for in-state students located in Berkeley, CA.  Admission for the top schools are difficult to have but not impossible.  Admission for MIT is that the person needs to have an average of a 4.13 GPA, an average SAT score of 1520, and an average ACT score of 34.  Admission for GIT is an average GPA of 3.98 an SAT score of 1450 an ACT score of 32.  Admission for Stanford university is an average GPA of 4.18 an SAT score of 1430-1590 and an ACT score 31-35.  Admission for UC Berkeley is an average GPA of 3.87 an SAT score of 1440 and an ACt score of 32. 

        How to become a licensed mechanical engineer is a very tedious process that involves the person taking two difficult exams from the same organizations.  They also have to have a certain amount of work hours to also be a licensed mechanical engineer.  The National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying(NCEES).  The first exam is the Fundamental of Engineering exam(FE).  That exam has a specific version that is made just for mechanical engineers.  After the person passes that exam they need to have four years of work experience before they take the second exam called the Professional Engineering(PE).  The NCEES says that the PE exam offers several mechanical engineering specialities and it is usually the end of the licensing process to become a licensed mechanical engineer.

        When the person finally becomes a licensed mechanical engineer and is able to get a job for Mechanical Engineering they would build many objects that would help people.  But, in an average day of a mechanical engineer the person would be reading and intercepting blueprints, technical drawings, schematics, or they would be doing computer-generated reports.   They also talk to other engineers or other people who can help them to implement operating procedures, resolving system malfunctions, or they help them provide technical information.  Mechanical engineers also have the responsibilities to research, design, evaluating, installation, operating, maintaining products, equipment, systems or processes to meet requirements.  Other things that a mechanical engineer does is that they do personal functions, such as supervision of production workers, technicians, technologists, or other engineers.  In a typical day for a mechanical engineer is a lot of group work, most mechanical engineers don't work alone, they work in groups to discusses a solution to a problem they are having either with a building or a design for something they are creating.  Mechanical engineers also talk on the phone everyday and have a conversation over the phone.  They also have to deal with emails everyday.  They have to be able to work in a group.  And that would be most of the main things a mechanical engineer have to do in their everyday lives. 

        Similar to being a mechanical engineer my backup option of my career choice is becoming a Electrical Engineer.   An electrical engineer is a person who tries to develop new ways  to provide more efficient power sources.  Or to improve products that use energy.   They manufacture, install, and test electrical equipment to ensure that products meet specifications and codes.  They also, investigate complaints from customer or the public, evaluate problems, and recommend solutions.  They work with projects managers on production efforts to ensure that projects are completed nicely, on time, and within in a budget that is set for them.  Electrical Engineers design electrical components, software, products or systems for commercial, industrial , medical, military, or scientific applications.  Analyzing customer needs and determine electrical system requirements, the capacity of the product, and the cost of developing the system planning.  Electrical engineers also evaluate systems and recommend design modifications and or equipment repair.  They also inspect electrical equipment, instruments, and systems to make sure they meet safety standards and applicable regulations.  Also, plan and develop applications and modifications for electronic properties used in part and system to improve technical performances. 

If the Electrical engineer work for the federal government research, develop, and evaluate electronics devices used in a variety of areas.  Such as, aviation, manufacturing, transportation, and computing.  They also work on more advanced and difficult electronics such as satellites, flight system, radars and sonar systems, and communications systems. 

For Electrical engineer the average pay would be $87,920 in 2012 which is a pretty decent amount to make.

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